Friday The 13th:Killer Puzzle

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Platforms: PS4, XBOX, PC, Switch
  • Release Date: 9/18/2020
  • Price: 12.99

So if you know me, you know I’m a huge “Friday the 13th” fan so i was so excited to see this pop in my games to review. I enjoyed the NES classic version and the one that released a few years back was awesome as well. It really did an amazing job at capturing the movie magic. Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle though I loved from the start. It really makes me want a animated Friday the 13th series. The animation in this is just amazing, as well are the kills. I never got tired of seeing just how Jason was going to use his new weapon, or how each level starting or ending cutscene would play out. What really surprised me was just how much content was there. !2 episodes in total covering really cool places like Crystal Lake or some place you’d never expect to go like prison or prehistoric times. It all seemed so crazy, and I felt like I played this for days. I might have considering there is over 150 levels to play. The content doesn’t stop there though. There is tons of different Jason’s and weapons as well. You will spend days unlocking them all.

The objective of the puzzles are to kill everyone on the level of course. The game let’s you start out by choosing PG or R rating. Who the hell is going to be playing this and choosing PG though? The way the puzzles work is you can move in straight lines towards enemies, and you have to get them lined up to attack so you have to plan moves ahead not just move around freely doing what ever you want. There will also be traps in the way like cops, fire, water, and even cats. You know you can’t kill cats, so you have to avoid them as well. There will also be escape routes for the victims in case you mess up they can get out of there. So you have to plan for that as well. There is no set amount of moves you can use except for on a few levels you’ll have a set number to accomplish it in. They can be really challenging, but never frustrating though. The main reason is Mommy will give you hints, and even show you how to do it if need be. So with a little help from Pamela Voorhees you will reach the end no matter how bad at puzzle games you are. With this option it really makes it playable for all skill levels.

This game is really for all fans of the franchise, and a can’t miss in my opinion. It’s loaded with things to keep you coming back. There is actually a daily challenge that will give you a new puzzle every day. Nail these 13 days in a row unlock some more Jason Voorhees skins. So it’s always fresh, and new feeling. It can feel repetitive if you played it like I did though. I wanted to get my review done in a timely fashion so I did everything in a couple days. I literally played this non-stop. Where it can get a little repetitive is for Achievement hunters trying to get to level 100 as a character and get 1000 kills in the marathon mode. Marathon Mode? Yes it’s a level where you have to stop a meter just in time to get a kill. It will go and go until you miss. My tops was around 45. Every time you play this and get to victim 14 you will level up and get a Jason Crate. In these you will get 4 weapons. You will be trying to collect all these for days there are so many. There’s even a trade in system for your duplicates. Trade in 3 dupes get another crate. I spent hours doing this trying to capture every weapon. In marathon mode you will see every kill, and every weapon type in game it’s so much fun slaying campers while listening to some bad ass music. Oh yeah let’s talk about the music…

This game has awesome music from the movie while you do the puzzles, and it fits in really well it overall. The music really ramps up on marathon mode though. You are treated to the rock n roll sounds of great bands like The Jasons and Stiker. You will love all these songs that play during the massacre. They really take you back to when these movies were hitting your local theatres and video stores. Really catchy stuff like “Run for your life” and “I can’t stop killing”. I wish you could play these out of the menu, because I’d be listening to them as I typed out this review. The game looks great to it’s really bright and colorful animation and backgrounds. I loved seeing the blood splatter, and seeing all the different counselors and levels. This might be my favorite game this year so far. I had a blast, and think all Friday fans will as well.

  • Awesome music and sounds.
  • Killer animated cutscenes and kills.
  • Loaded with content.
  • Tons of replay value.
  • Addictive fun puzzling and killing.
  • Stays true and respectful to the source material.
  • Can be repetitive at times, especially if you over do it like me.
  • I 100% the game so now I have to wait for a sequel. Get us more Fridays and Jason.
  • Overall Impression: 10 Bloody Jason Masks out of 10
  • I think it’s a must own for all fans of Friday the 13th. The most fun I’ve had gaming this year..
Video Review


Review by Courtney

Developed and Published by Springloaded

Available on Xbox, PC, PS4, and Switch for 16.99

Released on September 18th 2020

GORSD is an arena battle game with with lots of intense speed and tactics. In a universe with difficult challenges created by an unknown power, your character sets forth to solve the mystery.

When first beginning to play GORSD, one may be a bit… baffled. The unique art style, and mysterious story certainly left me immediately intrigued. You begin as a small octopus looking creature that… well, births out from an eyeball of sorts. You wander about a bit looking for more answers. And soon realize that you’re in sort of an overworld for level selection. The real gameplay revolves around little battle arenas. In the single player mode, the enemies are NPCs, obviously. But the game does offer up to 4 player couch co-op.

The style of arena themselves vary. There is eight different modes set across seventy different maps. The single player campaign is only about seven hours total, but with plenty of couch co-op to play, this isn’t a bad thing. The basic concept mostly revolves around trying to fill in the level with your character’s color, and killing the other players who are trying to also fill it in before you. There is a good bit of strategy involved, and honestly, I wasn’t particularly good at it. My son beat me every level we played.

But to me, the most interesting thing about GORSD is the mystery. Solving the story behind the different deities presented to your character, and what exactly your character is doing is pretty fun. There’s nothing I love more than some unique lore.

Overall, I found GORSD a pretty fascinating game. Challenging, punishing, but so intriguing you find yourself not wanting to give up just yet, even with the massive defeat screen taunting you at each failure.

I can’t really say that I have many true complaints about this game. It’s…. vague, and extremely hard. And at times so frustrating I almost gave up. But, I think that’s the idea.

At 16.99, and with the amount of levels and replayability with different friends, this game is honestly worth checking out. And I am extremely intrigued to see what these developers might make in the future. For these reasons, my rating is a 8/10.


  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Platforms: XBOX, Pc PS4, Switch
  • Developer: Josyan
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release Date: 09/18/20
  • Price: 4.99

I feel in love with “Tamiku” the second I laid my eyes on it. It really reminds me of so many classics. It gave me a ton of memories from classic NES and Arcade games of my past. It really took me back to playing games like Bubble Bobble, BurgerTime, Popeye, balloon Fight, and so many more. It really delivers the same level of fun as well. Like classics of that era it really makes you care about your final score. Your objective is to collect all the blue and red balloons on the screen without running out of lives. It isn’t easy and can be challenging, but it’s never really frustrating or stressful. I guess it could be if you was going for score, and wanted to get so far without dying. If you don’t choose to play like that though you have infinite continues. So you can play it how you want to. The Blue Balloons you just have to walk over, but the red ones require you tapping the button a few times to blow them up til they pop. This can get you in trouble so you have to plan very well for it. You have to take in your surroundings.

It looks and feels super retro like I said even the classic chiptune reminded me of classic game soundtracks for that great era of video games. Lot of the music reminded me of classic gaming music like in Zelda 2 and Bubble Bobble. The colors are really bright and beautiful, and I could have seen this being a hit back in that era. There 8 worlds and 16 levels they all have unique map layouts and enemies so you are always adjusting to something new. There are also Balloon Fight type bonus levels where you must fly around popping balloons as well. This game just really took me back, and I loved every second with it. I love when Ratalaika delivers retro gold like this far more than I do the graphic novels. These are some of their best releases, and some of my favorite games this Gen. I look forward to more from them in the upcoming generation as well.

For my Achievement hunters it’s a must grab as well. It is a easy completion, and the ability to continue as much as you want will have you padding those gamer scores in no time. I think it took me around 30 minutes to complete this one. So it’s a must grab for those Achievement lovers, that want to raise their scores while not swiping away to much loot from their bank accounts. So the story to this one is you are an alien from a distant galaxy who is totally obsessed with blow up balloons. Having popped every last balloon on your home planet, now you must venture to other worlds in search of more balloons to pop. I don’t know how much that really matters in games like this really. It’s just a fun to play these games that are inspired by the classics and not have to spend a fortune to do so. One reason Ratalaika has been one my favorite Publishers this year. Filling up my collection with AWESOME modern retros that I can usually grab just using my Microsoft Rewards points their so affordable.

  • Pros:
  • Takes you back to a era of classics
  • Bright and colorful retro goodness
  • Soundtrack is a lot of fun and fits nicely
  • Affordable
  • Easy Achievements and trophies
  • Addicting fun
  • Cons:
  • May feel a little to inspired and like you been here before.
  • Kind of short, wish there was more levels and modes.

Overall: 7.8

This is one you can’t miss if you love modern retros, and easy achievements. One of the better Ratalaika games to date. If you loved classic Arcade and NES/Atari games, you will love “Tamiku”

The Suicide of Rachel Foster

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: ONE-O-ONE GAMES
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, XBOX, and Playstation 4
  • Release Date: 9/9/2020
  • Price: 19.99

I’m always excited to see games like this released and look forward to reviewing them. The FPS exploration of creepy places can really pull you in, and give you that uneasy feeling. Unfortunately this title doesn’t do that very much. It really fails to give you that vibe. There is a few times though, and when it does they are quality scares. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality experience though. It is a quite well delivered Mystery in my opinion. The quality of voice acting is stellar. It took me back to “FireWatch” and how I felt about that games voice acting talent. Even if I wasn’t scared as I would like to be playing a game like this. I was drawn in by the story, and the dialogue was so enjoyable. It’s full of moments that made me laugh, or took me back to the time period. Both voice actors did an outstanding job making you feel exactly what the story wanted you to in the moment. The story is entertaining, and you will enjoy it for most parts. It is kind of predictable, but still intriguing. You may figure it out early, but you will still want to wait around to be sure. It really gave me that “When a Stranger Calls” vibe. That is probably a reference to old for some of you, but if you haven’t seen it check it out. It’s a really excellent horror film.

You play as a woman returning to a hotel she grew up right after the death of her father. She returns there with bad memories from 10 years earlier when she left it after discovering her father had an affair with a girl the same age as her named Rachel Foster. Her and her mother rushed out of there, and she never returned. So after the death she returns to look the place over for her lawyer before putting it up on the market. The only thing is a horrible snow storm rolls in leaving her stuck there for awhile. This is where, and why the mystery begins as you discover people who say Rachel Foster is alive, and still inside the hotel. The story takes place in Lewis and Clark County in Helena Montana. I just love the loading screens with the post cards showing the area, and the opening scene traveling there in the snow. It really gives you a sense of the area, and location site. The hotel is huge, and even though you may not be able to explore every inch of it the size of it will keep you entertained for hours. You have a map, but it never really feels like it’s needed as the layout is pretty easy to learn. You will almost feel like you’ve been here before as you start to make your way around it with ease. there was times I really just felt I knew exactly where, and what I had to do next. Like I was actually a part of the story.

The game offers different dialogue choices, and options of ways to carry out your objective so i could see you playing this a couple times. i was happy enough with one play through though. Mainly because I had played the first several days over a couple times as my game didn’t save properly. I just finally left it up and running until I could return to be safe. That wasn’t the only issue i ran into either unfortunately. I noticed I wasn’t getting Achievements so I uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing. So I looked at stats and 0% of people had them so week after release , and still isn’t fixed. That is kind of a letdown, because after you spend that much time completing a game you really don’t want to have to go back through it just to get what you should have got the first time. Even if you enjoyed it there is a lot of new games coming out, and you hate to replay it as soon as you finished it. I’m sure this will be fixed, and I’ll return to it at a later date to collect them. This type of thing is usually fixed pretty quick though surprised to see it’s still a issue today.

I think it’s still worth your time though. At 19.99 I don’t mind a game that I only play a couple of times if it delivers a story I enjoy. I really enjoyed this story a lot. The characters and the location just really felt like I was a part of it. That is when you know the voice acting, story, and setting is quality when you feel like you are really there? When you get invested in it. I couldn’t wait to figure how it all played out, even if I had kind of figured it all out early. You want start to feel for the main character, and want things to turn out well for her. You really start to feel like it’s you, and this is your hotel. What else can you really ask for in a game like this? To be entertained, and pulled into it is a really successful outcome for a game in this genre. I recommend this to fans of what a lot of people call walking sims. Maybe not so much horror fans. It has it’s moments, but in the end it really satisfies the mystery and story lovers more.

  • PROS:
  • Beautiful location, and huge are to explore.
  • Excellent voice acting.
  • Quality story that draws you in.
  • Loved the 90’s retro environment
  • Some hilarious dialogue.
  • CONS:
  • Achievements still don’t work week after release.
  • Game saves buggy had to restart several times.
  • Story is predictable.
  • Doesn’t really feel like horror, more of a mystery.
  • Overall Impression:
  • 7.5

The Suicide of Rachel Foster all though a little buggy on console at the moment is still quite entertaining. It falls a little short when it comes to scares, but does so much more than that. It really draws you in, and makes you feel like this is your story. You won’t find much better voice acting than this. The characters and their delivery is really the selling point in this one. They deliver a experience you’re sure to enjoy.

Alphadia Genesis – Switch Review

Release date: August 6, 2020
Players: 1 player
Genre: Role-Playing, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: EXE-CREATE
Publisher: KEMCO
Price: 14.99
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KEMCO has been hard at work porting their budget RPG titles from mobile to consoles for a while now. Though most of their titles are around the $15 mark, its hard to argue with a decent turn-based game for that price point. With this game, we see a creative 3D battle system with a 2D Sprite-based overworld — a mighty hard thing to blend, but something that seems to have been done really easily.

Alphadia Genesis follows the main character Fray and his investigative team. With a world still nursing its wounds from a war, the Archleign and Ghalzabine Kingdoms have a shaky friendship that could teeter towards hostility at any time. Fray and his group are assigned to investigate a mysterious murder case in a nearby city, discovering secrets that may lead to a bigger story than he first could have imagined.

As a turn-based RPG, controls are very simple. Moving around the world map and talking to people in towns and villages is a staple of RPG play, and while the overworld itself invokes warm feelings of nostalgia for fans of 16-bit graphics, the battle system is a bit more involved with fully-animated attacks and abilities. While these are nice, they’re not too intense or flashy so battle stays smooth and snappy.

One of the neater aspects of battle is the way that spells can be learned by your characters. Equipping characters with elemental rings allows them to use and level up a corresponding type of magic, like light, water, and fire. Light specializes in healing, water has healing and status effects, and fire seems to be mostly an all-out offensive element. As your characters level up and grow, so too do their elemental abilities depending on what elements they have equipped, allowing you to tailor each character to different kinds of magic.

Tranquil village music and a snazzy battle theme tend to stand out, but overall the soundtrack is a bit forgettable. While the real joy is in the combat, the story is super engaging and has that draw to make you want to solve the mystery — something that I feel the game has capitalized on fairly well, if I were to be quite honest. With a long main story, this budget title packs a fairly long playtime, which is perfect for those of us that like seeing an impactful plot and character growth.

-Cool system of learning new skills
-Retro feel of oldschool classic JRPGs
-Engaging story

-Combat animations can be boring
-Soundtrack is generic

Overall: 7.5/10

Alphadia Genesis isn’t a fresh take on the genre, nor does it possess any particular qualities that make it stand out, but that’s the actual allure of the game. KEMCO titles have a comfort-food kind of feel to them, and for those of us who grew up with older SNES RPG’s, these games feel like a blast from the past. While battles are 3D here, the core of the game really does feel like a rainy day inside playing SNES. For fans of the older style of RPG, this would definitely be one to pick up, but if you really need all the bells and whistles in terms of graphics and features, it may be best to sit this one out.

“Minoria Review”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Bombservice
  • Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment
  • Platforms: Switch, XBOX, PC, Playstation
  • Price: $19.99
  • Release Date: 9/10/2020

The story takes place in Ramezia, and the hero is Sister Semilla a Nun that in the time of the fourth Witch War. A time when The Sacred Office, a powerful organization is set out on destroying and purging all Witches. Any one taking part in Ceremonies against the laws of the Church are considered Witches, and the missionaries/sisters Semilla and Fran must purify them. The story inspired by the history of medieval Europe, and is sort of a sequel to Momodora from Bombservice. They have a lot of similarities in their styles. So if you enjoyed it you are more than likely going to enjoy this as well.

The first thing you notice the game is just so beautiful. The style is made up from hand painted 2-D art with Cel-shading. It just pops as you make your way through each area. The environments vary so much across the huge map. It never looks repetitive, from snow covered landscapes to ones covered in beautiful flower gardens. Dark Dungeons to amazing castle walls with unbelievable moonlit skies in the background. It is just such a treat for the eyes. The music is outstanding as well. It really adds to the action, and panic of the boss battles. It also sets the mood for the environments as well. To say it’s very enjoyable is a under statement, and it’s just another perfect addition among many positives for this title. Might as well get used to it I’m going to be praising this game from start of the review to the finish.

Maybe one of my favorite things about Minoria is the combat, and the controls. It is just spot on and smooth. Every attack and jump is flawless and fun. There are also magic casting, parrying, and dodging mechanics as well. They all really mesh well into some unforgettable combat moments, and battles with bosses. The dodge roll feels so good as you bounce around from left to right of your enemy. It is all really easy to learn, but will take some work to master. There are a lot of people who have though the internet is loaded with no damage runs. It’s really fun to watch people do this, and see how they approach every situation. There are tons of attacks you can learn as well from a double jump attack to a charged one. Timing is everything with these moves. You will find these as well as new weapons and magic spells along the way. Some of them are really well hidden as “Minoria” is full of hidden areas and secrets. They are fun to find, and you can even find a spell that will alert you when you are near one. They will also help you find the collectible journal pages as well. The weapons all are different and have unique attack styles and perks. So exploration is a must , and a blast. It’s one of those games where as you level up and learn you get special abilities that let you reach areas you couldn’t before. That means there is a little back tracking , but it’s just so much fun doing so. Getting to see what new enemy types, and what else lies ahead.

With all the things I’ve already praised, I have to say the Bosses are my favorite. There are a lot of them to. They all have very different attack styles and patterns and it is a blast figuring them out. It can be super challenging, and you may even have to use different spells and perks to get past some of them. Like there are perks where you take 20% less damage, or ones that regenerate portions of health that can be really useful in these fights, and other stressful situations. The most important spells in my opinion though are the health ones over the attacking ones, especially until you learn the combat and defense. You might lose a few battles, but the save points are generous. You will make your way back, and get the victory if you continue to grind it out and learn. These checkpoints are generous on the map as well, so you won’t have to do a lot of things and find a lot of things over. I can honestly say I only had to go retrieve a item I had found and died shortly after a couple of times. The game isn’t easy, but it’s a lot more fun then stressful. For you gluttons for punishment can restart the game right after finishing it with a perk that makes you die with one hit. I know a lot of gamers will enjoy that. You can also use fast travel after beating it to retrieve any items or collectibles you might have missed, and you Achievement/Trophy hunters will enjoy that.

So i guess we will end it here. There is only so much your gonna read of me singing Minoria’s praises anyways. I hope I got my point across though just how special this game is. I played it all in one sitting in about 9 to 10 hours. It can be done a lot quicker though around 4 to 5 hours, but I wanted to 100% it. I just couldn’t stop playing it, and i think most gamers will feel the same. Especially fans of retrolike/Indie arcade titles. The game play is so addictive, and the sights and sounds are just so perfect and beautiful. I guarantee you won’t regret grabbing this one. It’s a amazing title that is so unforgettable. It is sure to find a permanent spot in your heart., and in your favorites in that video game library you hold so dear.

  • Beautiful hand drawn art work.
  • The music is perfection.
  • Smooth and flawless combat and controls.
  • Quality and interesting story.
  • Adorable characters.
  • Epic Boss battles.
  • One of those games, where I can’t find a single issue or complaint. LOVED it.


Minoria is a can’t miss in my opinion. If you’re a fan of games like “Shovel Knight”, “Shantae”, or “Bloodstained” Minoria is the same level of quality and fun. Add this one to your collection, and thank me later.

Paradise Killer

Review by Courtney

Developed by Kaizen Game Works

Published by Fellow Traveller

Released September 4th 2020

Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $19.99

Paradise Killer is a surreal, vaporwave detective game that takes place in a world outside reality. You play as Lady Love Dies, a woman that has been in exile until she is summoned to solve a terrible crime. You can interrogate various characters around the island, and examine scenes for clues. There’s also a handful of side quests, and tons of collectibles.

But where Paradise Killer truly shines for me is the world building and the overall aesthetic. The game really nails its vaporwave imagery, and the lore is beyond fascinating to me. I was super excited each time I found a new collectible, or even just a statue with a plaque on it that had a bit more information about the island. When I saw at one point in the game there was a library, I was beyond excited to be able to read the books. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t!

Every character you meet is intriguing, and finding more info to ask them new questions certainly can be fun. I loved the way all of them looked, and I really loved the little description given by Lady Love Dies’ computer, Starlight when you first meet someone. I think Crimson Acid might’ve been my most favorite.

The game allows for open world exploration, and there is various fast travel points through out the relatively large map. Advancing the case and having those little aha! moments when you solved a clue was really satisfying at times.

The music for the game is absolutely fantastic, and I really appreciate that you can control what songs play with Starlight. It was also really fun to collect more songs though out the map, and I felt like it really added a lot to the atmosphere.

I have a few minimal complaints that keep this game from being absolute 10/10 for me. One, despite being open world, the game does feel a bit too linear at times. The map is also rather empty, though I do understand that that actually is a plot point. The island should be empty, its talked about quite frequently. But some areas just felt so… lifeless. Again, one could argue that’s intentional I suppose.

However, I rarely find a game where the world and the lore draws me in so intensely and immediately. I really did just want to know more, constantly. Paradise Killer is unique. As someone that generally doesn’t play many detective style games, I found myself having a blast.

For these reasons, my rating is a 9/10.

Bounty Battle Review (Sort of)

Hate to really hold this bad launch against a great Publisher like Merge games. So let’s come back to it in a couple weeks, when I clear some time and after the updates. As of right now though it’s really unplayable. Watch the video below for an explanation. AS of right now I will give it a score I owe it to the pages followers, and to the publisher that provided the code. So as of now it’s only a 6 out of 10. You can see the potential there, and Merge has a history of delivering, so let’s come back to it when they do.

“Deleveled” Review

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Toasterfuel Games
  • Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
  • Platforms: Switch, Playstation, XBOX, PC
  • Release Date: 9-10-20
  • Price” $7.99

Deleveled isn’t just one of those basic puzzlers involving squares, and strange patterns. It’s actually a super original concept that brings something really fresh to the puzzling genre. The idea is really simplistic. To a point where it is kind of hard to write a super extended review about it. It is basically Get to switches or buttons what ever you want to call them with the top and bottom blocks. It is really easy to explain , but not as easy to master. Some of the layouts can really confuse you, and test your mental capacity. The main reason there is no jump button. The blocks move based on momentum. You really only use the left stick to move them across the platforms. The jumping is done by the blocks crashing against the floors below them. If the blocks go off that floor, and hit each other it’s instant failure. If the blocks don’t line up, and have a large bounce between them more than likely it’s a fail as well. There are some puzzles where jumping isn’t a key factor so it’s able to still win, but for the most part you will need to keep the momentum going.

There are 10 different worlds adding up to a whopping 120 levels. So at 7.99 Deleveled is going to keep you entertained for some time. You would think that it would start to feel repetitive, but each world introduces a new mechanic that keeps it fresh. You may start to feel you’ve got the hang of it, and have it mastered and then they throw a new element at you. They even throw some secrets, challenges, and bonus material at you as well. Even when you do finish it , and start to know your way around it you will want to complete the challenges and try to beat each level without death. I could see speed runners wanting to do this as well, as race for times on it. It really feels like one of those games that people will make super competitive, and battle awhile for times. I can see the world record speed and no death videos popping up on Youtube already. That is exciting to me when a game knows how to keep the player coming back even after they have finished it. That is a special development team, and a special game in my opinion.

I couldn’t finish this review without covering the sights and sounds of the title. Yes it isn’t much to look at. It looks quite simplistic, but don’t let that fool you. Anyone one remember “Thomas was Alone”? It was a game about just blocks that was really quite special. “Deleveled” is quite special as well. I’m not saying it is on level with “Thomas was Alone” that was a really special game to me, and maybe one of my top 100 games of all times. It was such a heart warming story, with top notch narration. Maybe some the best voice acting in a game ever. Deleveled might be one of the best puzzlers ever though. It is really special as in it delivers a really original concept. I’ve never played another puzzler like it, and if you know of any like it let me know. It was super unique to me. You aren’t going to care at all what it looks like when you start trying to solve its challenging puzzles. That alone won’t keep you entertained though, the music is going to grab you as well. It is super addictive, and fun. I was hooked on hearing the next song so many times that it kept me going. I can’t put into words just how fun the soundtrack for this game is. As soon as it starts you will notice that, and to the very end you will be humming and nodding your head along.

  • Soundtrack is AMAZING
  • A really original idea/concept in puzzling
  • Great for Speed running and No Death runs
  • Tons of content and bonus material
  • Affordable fun
  • Not so great to look at very simplistic.
  • Would have enjoyed some sort competitive mode for Coop or Vs.

Overall Impression: 8.5 A really superb and excellent puzzling experience that even though it’s a simple idea. It keeps you coming back over and over again to master it.

“Hotshot Racing”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: SUMO Digital/Lucky Mountain Games
  • Publisher: Curve Digital
  • Release Date: 9/10/2020
  • Price: 19.99
  • Platforms: XBOX, Switch, Playstation, PC

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Hotshot Racing caught my eye from the announcement of it’s upcoming release. In my teen years I spent a lot of time with “Daytona Racing” at the Arcades and on the Sega Saturn. I loved everything about it from it’s art style, to it’s incredible music. “Hotshot Racing” really captured everything I loved about it, and a heck of a lot more. So many more game modes, vehicles, and characters that i really don’t know where to start. That isn’t my only struggle though, I don’t want to work on this review because that means I’m not playing it. It’s that hard to step away from especially if you have people to play it with you. There are a ton of modes, and it’s just a blast to play with friends. It’s even fun playing with people you don’t even know. The game has couch and online multiplayer so the best of both worlds. Let’s just start with the modes I guess. Sounds a good a place as any.

My favorite mode of course is the standard Grand Prix where you can choose from one of the 8 Hotshots and one of their four vehicles. Keiko, Xing, Mike, Alexa, Aston, Toshiro, Marcus and Viktor all have four different cars , and lifestyles. When you win a cup with one of them it delivers a little story cut scene about them and why they are trying to be the best racer in the world. It’s a blast to listen to so make sure you don’t skip it. Each character has their own sayings and stuff while racing. Some really funny and enjoyable lines that are hard to forget. You can also upgrade their cars with money you get for winning. So you can make the cars and drivers look a ton of different ways. You don’t have to be greedy it’s easy to make money so spend away. My second favorite mode would have to be Cops and Robbers. Yous tart the race with the cops chasing you, and as they catch each racer they are converted to Cops as well until there is just one. It makes for some really intense action.This mode is a multiplayer’s dream as the fun just never ends, and winning feels so good. There is also a Drive or Explode mode where you have a set speed you can’t drop below or you explode. Reminds me of the movie speed or the vehicle missions on GTA 5. There is also Quick races, Drifting, and boosting modes to help improve those skills. When you drift in this game your boost goes up, you can pocket up to 5 and then you stop gaining them so best to use them wisely. All these modes make the game really addicting, and it never feels repetitive at all. Each mode is available in single-player, four-player split-screen and eight-player online, while Time Trial is single-player only. Single-player modes run at a blistering 60FPS to deliver one of the fastest depictions of racing possible. There are also online Leaderboards for you people who like to compare times against other racers and friends. I’m sure you will find me there.

The looks and sounds really give you that 90’s Arcade racer feel. It looks and feels a lot like “Daytona” but a lot more in depth. There are a lot more bright and colorful areas. Take in coastal, jungle, alpine and Las Vegas desert environments, with each course modeled with the most vivid colors and blue skies for miles. It is just beautiful to look, and I love how much the environments change race by race. The music is top quality as well. I really enjoyed a lot of the songs that played along the way. I just enjoyed everything about this game from start to finish, and have a hard time finding anything negative to say about it. If you love racing games like I do I’ll find it hard to believe if you don’t enjoy this one as well. It just does everything right. The way it looks and sounds, to all the different choices of environments, racers, and cars. All the really unique and different modes, as well as ability to play with who you want to either at home or online. It’s hard to not enjoy all that.

I really hope to hear from some of you on this one, and maybe throw together some races. Would be a lot of fun to actually find more people to enjoy this one. I always love “Curve Digital” games, but this might actually be my new favorite of their releases. So grab it , and give me a shout in the comments, and maybe we can make a lobby. Or if you see me on the track give me a holla in the messages either way will be fun to see others enjoying it as much as I have. This might be the most fun racer I’ve played in 2020. There is just so much to do on it, and everything was thrown together just perfectly.

  • Captures perfectly a generation of classic racing titles.
  • The Environments are so bright and colorful and feels so 90’s
  • Smooth racing controls, and easy to get the hang of.
  • So many modes to enjoy with friends or alone.
  • So many awesome characters and vehicles.
  • One con is I have to come up with something negative about this one.
  • I guess one would be it’s a small title so I don’t have more people to play with maybe? I had a blast I can’t think of anything to put here to be honest.
Do yourself a favor , and just grab this one…
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