Operation Hardcore

Review by Courtney

Developed and Published by Cosmocat

Available on Switch, Steam, and the developer’s website

$12.99 on Switch, $4.99 on Steam, $4.99 on Dev Website

Released on October 16th 2016 for PC, and June 8th 2018 for Switch

Operation Hardcore follows the story of a character that sets out to do something about the current alien invasion the world is suffering from. It can be played alone, or with local co-op. The game is a relatively simple side scrolling platformer with various upgrades and weapons.

The game has a bit of a B movie humor style, with the cut scenes saying things like your character set out with only the essentials, and showing a bottle of whiskey on a table. It’s got a pretty cute pixel style, and the controls feel fairly smooth on the switch.

I think this game would be something fun to play with friends, but I don’t know how much enjoyment a solo player would get out of it. For the price, it’s ok. But this feels like a game I’ve played before. We’ve all played the side scrolling shooters with upgrades. And while, objectively, there’s nothing wrong with the game, there isn’t much that really drew me in either. The one major upside is definitely the humor, which the game has plenty of.

Personally, if you’re looking to buy this game for your switch, I would recommend waiting for a sale. The game can also be bought directly through the developer’s website or on steam for $5. As of writing this article, until November 2nd, the game is actually $1.24 on steam for sale. I think that’s a great grab for something to play around with friends.

Overall, this game is just fine. Nothing terrible, nothing stunning. I had fun with my son, but we weren’t super compelled to 100% anything.

For these reasons, my rating is 5/10.

“Pumpkin Jack Review”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Nicolas Meyssonnier
  • Publisher: Headup Games
  • Release Date: 10/23/2020
  • Price Currently: 23.99



Pumpkin Jack is a Spooky Scary 3D platformer in which you embody Jack, the Mythical Pumpkin Lord! Dive into an Epic Adventure through otherworldly landscapes and help the Evil annihilate the Good! Dive into an Epic Adventure and help the Evil annihilate the Good! Follow the will of the Devil himself and slay your nemesis in an epic quest that will take you on a journey in the Boredom Kingdom, a mythical realm shattered by the Curse. You will meet friends along the way, from a haughty Owl to a snarky Crow! Discover Stunning atmospheres in a Colorful yet Spooky Scary Kingdom Travel through epic and dramatic settings, with each level having its own eerie atmosphere. Using a vibrant palette and high quality lighting effects, Pumpkin Jack invents its own unique cartoon universe inspired by the classic PS2 graphic style. Jump, Run & Climb to carve your own way in Unique Levels Pumpkin Jack is a classic 3D Platformer before anything else! Every level will challenge you through several themed platforms, all giving you new trials to complete. Fight for your life against Evil Beasts by using awesome Unlockable Weapons You will have to master the arts of dodging, timing and movement to vanquish Jack’s foes. During the dynamic real time battles, choose which weapon you want to use and strike at the critical moment! Face Breathtaking Challenges and discover tons of Original Gameplays Solve puzzles that focus on physics, gravity and reflection. Inhabit a pumpkin head and burn books, hammer some moles, create a path for magic spheres… But also more! In each level, you will be faced with an action sequence using a new exclusive gameplay!


  • Colorful Cartoon Setting: Travel through lurid landscapes in levels featuring alluring atmospheres, each crafted with vibrant color palettes, and high-quality lighting effects
  • Fight For Your Life: With challenging beasts lurking around every corner, players must master the art of combo attacks; dodging, and timing to survive dynamic real-time battles!
  • Don’t Lose Your Head: Solve puzzles that focus on physics; gravity, and reflection as Jack, or ditch the skinsuit and just use your flaming head to burn books
  • Find Friends to Fight at Your Side: Helpful companions are there to assist Jack on his journey, including a haughty hooty owl to guide him along; and a snarky crow

So the time for our review is here, and I been counting the days until I could talk about this one. It was embargoed until release so I was struggling with not talking about this one. I haven’t had this much fun with a game in awhile. Spoiler alert I have to say this is the best Halloween game I’ve reviewed or even played. I was glued to the television with controller in hands for days trying to get every single collectible hidden within the game. It is such a quality release, and really took me back to some other classics. “Medievil” and “Overlord” was games that really came to mind. A couple of classics from the past that I adored just as much as this one. Everything about it screams Halloween, so it releases just in time to spend your isolated Halloween night having a great time with a great game. It just screams the spooky season with its orange vibrant levels. Full of creepies like skeletons, rats, knights, and so many other unique enemies. The bosses are super epic as well. You will take on tons of demons like Gluttony, that are really well designed. You will enjoy so much learning their attack patterns, and weaknesses. I have to same some of the highest quality bosses I’ve came across in video games. They really challenge you and your skills, but aren’t super frustrating or anything. I’d say I beat most in only a couple of tries. The final boss may have took me a couple more, but it was fun and not frustrating.

You play as Jack the Mythical Pumpkin Lord that has been summoned to help evil destroy good. While trying to do the Devil’s work you will find yourself in the amazing world of the Boredom Kingdom. This kingdom has fallen to a curse, and it’s up to you and your sidekick a hilarious little crow. You will also be aided by a owl. a horse, a gargoyle, and probably my favorite a Boat Captain that gives you a ride, but keeps you on your toes. It’s really just a blast all the twist and turns this adventure takes you on. You will travel across graveyards, farms, mines, and even take a trip to the North Pole. They all look really beautiful and dark. Halloween is just captured perfectly in this one. I can really see this game being a lot of people’s Halloween game streaming, and go to for the holiday. It just does everything you look for in this type of game. The combat is smooth and fun, the environments are beautiful and creepy, the enemies and bosses are all unique, and another thing. it never feels repetitive at all. It isn’t just hack and slash there are so many other things you come across. Things that will really excite you like whack a mole, memory games, kart racing, minecart and horse riding, and so much more. You really never know what to expect, or where your journey will take you.

One of things I can promise where ever it takes you. You will be taken there with some really top quality narration. The narrator just delivers some top quality voice acting. I was so impressed by it, and was really left wanting more. I wish it had carried over into the story as well. This leads to the only con I had for this game. The story is great, but it’s nonstop reading. Yes it’s still good, and the characters are funny and entertaining. I would have how ever loved to hear the characters deliver great voice acting like the narrator. That is the only thing about this game I can even say could be improved upon. Every about this game is just to perfect, and already really feels like a classic. I really hope this game gets the attention it deserves, and does well enough that they consider continuing the adventure in the future.This isn’t my first game published by HeadUp games I’ve reviewed. We have reviewed some top quality titles from them, but I can say with ease this is without question my favorite. It’s one of my favorite games this year period, and tops all the other horror/Halloween games we’ve covered this October.

One of the most unforgettable things about “Pumpkin Jack” is the music. I was blown away by all the renditions of classical music scores. They sound so Epic in the background of your adventure. I’m probably selling it short actually. I enjoyed it so much as a fan of music. Some of the best I’ve heard in a game of this genre since “Rayman” It really delivers some quality scores, that will stick with you long after you’ve completed this one. Something else you aren’t soon to forget is the amazing combat. There are so many quality weapons that vary so much form each other. Things like a spell, shovel, gun, sickle, and more. They all feel really easy to use, and are a lot of fun to discover which works best in different situations. I believe the gun is my favorite, because of it’s range and fast firing speed. One other weapon you have is a crow that you can fire a great distance. It can take several hits to eliminate a enemy with it, but can be done at range preventing you from taking damage. It can also be used in the mini races to open up your path. Game is also full of fun to find collectibles like crow skulls that you can use to purchase really cool costumes for Jack, and gramophones that make you break out in funky dance cut scenes. The dance moves are so rad, and you will probably laugh out loud during them.

So I can’t express just how much I loved “Pumpkin Jack” I was hooked from start to finish. I’ll just say it one more time so it’s clear. The environments are gorgeous, and really capture the Halloween season. The enemies and bosses are really varied, and a blast to figure out how to attack and avoid. The music exquisite and unforgettable. It really adds to the Epic adventure as does the amazing voice acting of the narrator. The story is one that you will look forward to taking part of every Halloween season. I will be remembering this game at the end of the year when time to decide what my Game of the Year is. I’m sure this will be up there high on my lists, but I hope every one else feels the same way. “Pumpkin Jack” really deserves all the attention, and great reviews I think that are coming for it. I know it scored really high with me, and left a big impression. I really see me coming back to this one numerous Halloween’s in the future. It’s so good it actually feels like a remaster of a PS2 classic or something. A must own, once you play this and realize just how good it is. Make sure you tell others about it as well. This game deserves to shine as bright as Jack O Lantern at Midnight this Halloween.

  • EPIC classical scores.
  • Unforgettable story.
  • Game really captures the Halloween season.
  • Fun boss battles and enemy.
  • Great side characters that aide you on your journey.
  • Smooth controls and combat.
  • Outstanding Narration
  • Wish the quality voice acting of the narrator was carried over into the characters in the story.


“CrossKrush Review”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: ThinIce
  • Publisher: Ratalaika
  • Platforms: XBOX, Switch, PC, PS4
  • Release Date:  Oct 21, 2020
  • 4.99


Game Description

Henry & Florence are a happily married couple, they enjoy music & have been dancing all their lives. But now, a noisy highway has been built right in front of their home, disrupting their harmonious lifestyle.

Defend your peaceful abode by blowing up as many cars in a row as possible, or whack and hack at them with your cane to finish them off.

Battle wave after wave of oncoming traffic as the challenge increases.


Simple & intuitive controls
– 10 levels with 10 puzzles each, for a total of 100 challenges!
– Local multiplayer action: play with a friend, or against a friend
– 2 different characters to choose from, with several customization options
– Catchy jazz music

CrossKrush is an adorable little puzzler about a elderly couple trying to enjoy some dancing and quality Jazz when they are distracted by the sound of the Interstate outside their home. In a hilarious over reaction the couple spring outside to stop the sounds of the horns by blowing the cars up with bombs , or by just whacking them with canes. The concept is just so off the wall and comical. I couldn’t wait to review this one, and overall it was a really quality experience. It’s not something I see you playing over and over, but it’s a good way to spend a evening or even with a friend or loved one. The single and Coop experience are both equally enjoyable. The idea is to blow up cars before they reach a check point. You can blow them up by detonating the road underneath them or by whacking them with your cane. You will also pick up powerups like one that makes you grow into a giant and be able to take out cars with one swing of your cane. There is also a laser powered cane that can take out a whole line of cars. You will also find health powerups if you aren’t playing it on the harder modes. You are meant to destroy cars, but you need to let the ambulance through. It isn’t overly challenging, and the pattern never changes. I would have like to seen this randomly generated to allow for replay value. It will however keep you entertained for awhile though as there is ten stages with 10 waves each. So it is good for a couple hours of entertainment.

It really looks and sounds great though, and has some quality music. It runs really well in my opinion as well. I didn’t experience any issues, and I thought it was fun and hilarious from start to finish. I had a good time playing it alone, but also enjoyed playing it with some one as well. I enjoyed the characters. I liked seeing elderly characters used in a game, because that isn’t a usual thing in the gaming industry. usually it’s making fun of, or having them pass for the sake of drama. It was really cool to see them full of life and the Protagonist. It’s a really decent overall experience , and I’d certainly recommend to any one looking to pad their gamer scores, to have something short to play with a friend or family member , or just fans of puzzlers in general. So check it out , and let us know what you thought of it. To me it’s just a short and sweet pleasant way to spend a night alone, or with someone who also enjoys puzzling fun.

  • Adorable characters.
  • Easy Achievements or Trophies.
  • Cheap date night, or buddy hanging puzzling fun.
  • Original concept.
  • No replay value.
  • Can feel repetitive.

Neighbors Back From Hell

Review by Courtney

Developed by Farbworks, THQ Nordic

Published by HandyGames

Available on Xbox, Steam and Switch and PS4 for 14.99

Released October 8th 2020

Neighbors Back From Hell is a remastered compilation of the both the original Neighbors From Hell and the sequel. There is four seasons with with a total of 25 levels, or episodes as they are called. With many pranks to pull off against the neighbor in a sort of slapstick comedy way.

The gameplay itself starts off fairly simple, with the pranks being things like tossing soap on the floor for the neighbor to slip in, or plugging his toilet. The later levels become more complex, adding more mechanics like a parrot that will alert of your presence.

With a push of a button you can toggle back and forth between your character and checking to see where the neighbor is so you avoid getting caught. Each level you have three lives, with the neighbor beating you up if he catches you.

The game is pretty simple fun, and figuring out some of the pranks and what would happen is a nice little puzzle. The graphics have a really nice nostalgia appeal to them.

That being said, I do have a couple of complaints. One thing I really wished for throughout playing was some sort of skip or fast forward button. When the neighbor catches you, you have to watch a little cutscene where he beats you up. This gets pretty old after about the third time it happens. I feel like it would really benefit from either shortening the animation, or making it skippable. There was also a lot just dead time in the game waiting for certain pranks to come to fruition while I say, waited for the neighbor to come to the bathroom. A fast forward button would be a nice asset. But this being a remastered version of an older game, I understand if that’s not possible. I also noticed a lot of the pranks are just repeats and you can do the same prank over and over. It would be fun if there was a little more variety.

Overall, I think this is a decent little fun puzzle with plenty of nostalgia, especially if you enjoyed the games before the remaster. For these reasons, my rating is a 6/10.

“GROOD Review”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: CC_ARTS
  • Publisher: Drageus Games
  • Platforms: Switch, PS4, XBOX, PC
  • Price 4.99
  • 10/23/20

Let’s give you the official description first:

GROOD blends a classic shoot’em up arcade gameplay with modern graphics. The vibrant effects of explosions, smoke, fire and projectiles will fully immerse you in a hellish battle. If you prefer to keep it old-school though, just switch on the “90’s love” option to get pixelated retro visuals.

You won’t only need skill to succeed but also some tactical thinking. Be smart with both your aim and positioning to get rid of the most dangerous opponents first and to avoid being surrounded.
Compete with your friends and other warriors around the world for the best ranking in global leaderboards!

– Frenetic flying and shooting action
– Classic arcade gameplay with modern graphics…
– …or retro visuals with a special “90’s love” option
– Global ranking leaderboards
– 3 difficulty modes: HARD, HARD and HARD
– Dynamic weather for more diversity and replayability
– Day/night cycle. No rest, fight from dawn to dusk and through the night
– Multiple final bosses and weapons
– Hardcore Metal Soundtrack

Now let’s get my opinion , but there is also a video review below. I can never get enough of a good Shmup. There is just something that takes me back to playing classics when i first got into gaming like. Life Force, Gradius, Defender, and a couple under rated games in my opinion like Star Force and Aegis Wings. All these really made an impression on me during their times. Grood did the same thing on first site in my opinion. I loved how it looked. It can be bright and beautiful, and change to dark and dreadful in no time. It has dynamic weather that can make it sunny and bright or just turn into a dark downpour. So it never really feels like the same experience. That factor of color change also plays into the health monitoring system. When the screen is clearly visible and colorful it means your health is full, but as you take damage everything turns darker, and even get a crack in your screen as if your windshield was busted. I think all of these make it always feel fresh, and like a new experience.

Another way of making a non repetitive experience is how the level changes, It doesn’t end and have a loading screen, You just advance to the next stage a constant run. That is really what the game is about in my opinion trying to put together your top run, or a leaderboard type run. It feels really good advancing into a new area, you know right then you’ve beat your previous score. Each time you see a new place it feels really rewarding. I kind of compared to to the Dark Souls of Shmups. Like in Dark Souls one of the most special things is getting past something you struggled on, and seeing a whole new area with new enemies and scenery. That is how Grood works as well. When you come across new Bosses and enemies you have to learn new attack patterns. You can spend a lot of hours failing and then accomplishing in Grood, and I love that about it. Not every one has 30 hours to play a game every time they sit in front of their television. Grood is one of those you can go a few rounds before bed , super, going out, just what ever you need to do, but want to get a little bit of gaming in before. I guess you could get really good and maybe play it for a super long time. I think more than likely though at first you are just doing really short runs especially when the games modes are Hard, Hard, and Hard lol. It really let’s you know from the start what you are in for. It’s worth the grind though and the learning. I’ve been playing it a few days , and it’s so fun to see something new every time I play it.

You can’t beat the price either. $4.99 you wouldn’t expect to get the play time you will out of something at that value. I feel like I robbed these guys. I been playing it nonstop, it never feels repetitive and always feels fresh. The soundtrack is pretty killer as well. Has some really killer metal sounding tunes. It really fits into the 90s feel of the entire game. It also even has a 90’s mode with more Retro looking visuals. I can’t think of anything really to say negative. All this has been mainly positive, and I haven’t even mentioned how spot on and smooth the controls are. It’s just a fun little Shmup that all fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

  • Smooth Controls
  • Fast paced action
  • Every play feels fresh and different
  • Dynamic weather
  • Killer soundtrack
  • So many levels and enemy/boss types
  • Affordable
  • Could be to difficult for some I guess

Ubermosh: Santicide – Switch Review

Release date: Aug 31, 2020
Players: 1 player
Genre: Action, Fighting, Strategy
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Developer: QUByte Interactive
Price: $0.99
Buy Here

The Ubermosh series has been trickling into the Switch eShop entry by entry over the past couple of years. These hectic twinstick shooters are known for their deep challenge and intricate design — each game being shaped by player feedback to cultivate a true community-cultivated experience.

Santicide is the sixth entry in the Ubermosh series, originally seeing a 2018 release on Steam. This arcade shooter plays in the form of 90-second rounds where the player attempts to not only take out as many enemies as possible, but also attempt to survive. Living, though, is usually easier said than done, and the carnage you leave in your wake is an ever-present reminder that the clock is ticking and you must keep moving or you will die.

Santicide is another arena brawler, with twinstick shooting mechanics. Different abilities can be selected and other characters can be unlocked as you progress, each with different starting abilities and affinities. While the colorful and deadly techniques you can utilize are incredibly useful for wiping out massive amounts of enemies, learning the best times to use them can be tricky. In learning, expect a lot of deaths as you find your rhythm. Try not to look at the timer, else you may miss an enemy baring down on you from your peripheral vision.

Graphically, the game’s pixel art style lends really well to the flashy lights that trickle across the screen when using abilities, and the smears of defeated enemies leave weapons and blood behind that stand as a testament to the outright carnage unfolding in the arena. The sound, too, is pretty great overall. After clearing a 90-second level, you can take a break before moving on to the next one, which is great because I found myself getting incredibly tense during rounds and the break staved off the finger cramps I was used to in the last games.

-Our one-man developer is getting better with each entry
-Classic arcade-style gameplay
-The timer mechanic can help you with feeling like there’s too much at once.

-Steep learning curve
-Not new player friendly

Overall: 8.5/10

Ubermosh: Santicide proves that a one-man development team can accomplish a lot with just player feedback as a motivator and balance check. For arcade fans and gamers who don’t mind a challenge, these bite-sized games are a perfect fit. Players who struggle with twinstick shooters may want to steer clear, as this series is not very friendly to new players.

Fight Crab – Switch Review

Release date: September 15, 2020
Players: Up to 4 players
Genre: Simulation, Action, Fighting, Multiplayer
Developer: Calappa Games
Publisher: Mastiff
Price: 19.99
Buy Here

I remember seeing a little about Fight Crab on various gaming websites — the screenshots showed off intense crab on crab combat with various weapons that showed off the silliness of the premise. The crustacean carnage and brutality was intense, and I remember thinking to myself, I really, really hope this comes to Switch. The amount of child-like awe I had when first viewing content about the game made me smile with a glee I hadn’t felt since the Nintendo 64 days, and I was hooked on following the game’s progress toward launch.

Fight Crab came to PC via Steam at the tail end of July, to much positive acclaim. Now out on Switch as of last month, I was surprised to find a review key offered to me from the publisher. Finally, with detached joy-con in hand, I am able to scuttle my own way toward domination — but is this what I had hoped? Will I be able to put myself into the shoes of a crab and conquer my way through the onslaught of other sea creatures that come before me? Let’s take a look!

Fight Crab’s campaign begins with a tutorial that shows you the basics of movement and combat. The left stick allows you to scuttle, and waving the joy-con around allows you to wave your forearms around, triggers allowing you to pinch the complete crap out of your opponent. Utilizing your movement and claws, your objective is to simply flip your opponent onto its back for the duration of a countdown. Then, you are victorious. Simple enough for me.

Once you learn the basics, you’ll move through various fights, allowing you to collect currency after each battle. The more you earn, the more you can upgrade your crab’s parameters — alternatively, you can stash currency and unlock additional crabs, each with their own starting stat spread, so finding a crab that you feel at home with is key.

Apart from the campaign, there is online and offline multiplayer. Up to four players can pinch the shit out of each other and fight using cars, trees, swords, and more to inflict as much damage on each other as possible before going for the flip. While you can right yourself in some circumstances, watching your crab struggle on screen while you actively try to get back up is as amusing as it is heartbreaking — my poor little buddy!

Fight Crab knows that it’s silly. It plays on itself in a way that is not only entertaining, but challenging without being too serious. This helps when going for challenges, most of which are difficult. While most fighting games can agitate players over time, the quirkiness of fight crab kept me smiling the entire time, even as I was losing.

For fans of collection — there are 23 types of playable crab, 48 different weapons, and 11 unique battle arenas to fight in, each of which is a vibrant and colorful environment that you can use to your advantage. Various objects are strewn about and you can scuttle along rocks to gain a high ground advantage, or even grab knives on a table spread to attempt to pierce the hard shells of your foes.

-Absolutely bonkers premise that both surprises and delights
-Unlockable items and crabs

-Starting crabs can be very slow and unwieldy

Overall: 9/10

Fight Crab has met my expectations and then some, what I thought would be a silly game where you literally fight crabs with other crabs is just that. This game has a lot of content, is full of great physics and even greater crabs. If you love crabs, or if you breathe air, you should play this game. Check out the trailer below from Mastiff to get a feel for Fight Crab, and maybe you’ll raise some shell with your friends some time, too.

“Sweet Witches Review”


  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Platforms: XBOX, PS4, PC, and Switch
  • Developer: Lumen Section
  • Publisher: Drageus Games
  • Release Date: 10/30/2020
  • Price: 9.99


Play as the adorable witches Praline and Vanille who can only rely on their magic ladders, unique abilities and power-ups to claim the sweets they deserve! “Brave the danger of 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds all by yourself or in cooperation with another player. The party needs to grow? No problem, challenge the two antagonists Anis and Reglisse in a spectacular Versus mode for up to four players.”


  • Four playable witches, each with their unique spell;
  • 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds in the Story mode (solo or coop);
  • 5 unique arenas and 2 play modes in the Versus mode (up to four players);
  • No jump, summon magic ladders to make your way through;
  • Surprise gift boxes with mighty weapons to crush your foes;
  • Seeding the ground with flowers to charge your powers;
  • As many sweet treats as you shall deserve… how many is that? Find out now

This comes out just before Halloween on the 30th so if they cancel Halloween in your area I say grab some candy and your kids and just hang out in front of the Television and XBOX. They are going to have a good time, and so will you. It has really addictive COOP and versus modes that will keep your family laughing and having a blast for hours. If you love old school arcade fun like in “Burger Time” this is so for you. Imagine that form of game play, but with a really epic art style. Everything about the art just screams Halloween. The characters and enemies are so adorable, and the levels are designed flawlessly to give you a nice challenge. What is even better if you are struggling with that you can slow down the enemy speed and give yourself even more lives. The way it is designed you don’t have a jump button you must use your magic to create ladders to move around the platforms. Enemies will attack , but you can attack back either will melee or special powerups. You can pick up bombs, bear traps, and even spring loaded boxing gloves to shoot at the attacking enemies.

There is tons of content, Like I said there is COOP and Versus but the Single player is very in depth as well. You can beat it with two different witches Praline and Vanille . After you make your away through 50+ levels over 5 different beautifully designed worlds you unlock the ability to play with two different witches as well Anis and Reglisse. Both sets of witches have their own special ability, attack style, and cool ladder design. My favorite witch I believe is Reglisse I love the color green, and her pumpkin. The way it works is Praline and Vanille must make their way across the levels to the boss planting flowers where ever there is a flower pot or patch of dirt. There will be some enemies that will eat your plants and make you go back over some sections. Once You play with Anis and Reglisse though your mission changes. You are trying to destroy all these plants they have planted. It’s the same exact levels, but for some reason it feels fresh and different. The boss stage is the biggest difference though you fight the other witches, so their attack is very different, and I won’t spoil that for you.

I really have nothing negative to say about this one. It’s just a blast. It runs really smooth, and the controls are precise. Only issue I ran into was getting kicked to dashboard a few times. This is before launch so I’m not putting much into that, I know they will iron this issue out. Drageus games always publish quality titles, and take care of issues. So if you are ready for Halloween , and you are looking for a game to share with someone to celebrate this wonderful season. ” Little Witches” is a can’t miss, and must own Halloween treat.

  • Adorable characters and enemies.
  • Really cute art style and backgrounds.
  • Challenging level design.
  • Fun COOP and Vs Modes.
  • Loads of content.
  • Fun and easy Achievements.
  • Can feel repetitive.
  • Ran into a few glitches, but it hasn’t been released yet so sure they will fix before launch.

Monster Truck Championship Review


So you love Monster Trucks as much as I do? You love hearing the roaring of the engines, and the sounds of destruction as they crush the cars below them? Then we got a treat for you today. “Monster Truck Championship” makes it’s way on to all major consoles this week, and it’s tons of fun. I’ve put hours and hours into it over the last week, and I can honestly say it’s the best Monster Truck game I’ve played to date. I reviewed “Monster Jam Steel Titans” not to long ago, and I liked this one a little better honestly. Yes it would been cooler if this was officially licensed, and I could have played with my favorite Trucks and Drivers from the sport. This does something different though it puts the career in your hands. You become the driver you want to be. You drive the truck you want to drive. The customization is just amazing. with 16 different styles of trucks to work with, it gets even more customizable when you realize you can apply stickers and even paint the truck everywhere and the colors you prefer. You start with a plain truck and before you finish your career I guarantee your truck has seen thousands of changes. You will be blown away by all the things you can unlock for it, and I’ll cover that more in the next paragraph about crew and sponsors. There are over 50 customisable elements.

So like I said let’s talk your career. It really makes up the meat and potatoes of Monster Truck Championship in my opinion. You get to pick every thing from your Crew and even your sponsors. Your crew gives you abilities like faster engine abilities, cheaper event sign ups, and even the ability to make more money. It’s very important to pay attention, and use these in the way you want to go about your career. Sponsors are important for how you want to upgrade your truck. Different ones will come and go. Some will even expire if you don’t complete their objectives in a certain amount of time. That is okay though they will reward you partially, and more will appear to replace them. Sponsors will give you a certain amount of money and truck parts. There will be some that say get a perfect start in two events and unlock money and 2 truck parts. Some will say things like score three 5,000 point wheelies in an event and get three Truck parts and a certain amount of cash. They all vary, in parts, objectives, and in cash so you have to pay close attention to get what ever you are looking for.

So your career is made up of 3 different levels of classes. You will have to make your way through three different skill level Leagues. Each will have events spread across 25 different arenas. I was really surprised to see one in my area. They did an amazing job with these as well. It really looked like where I lived. I haven’t been to the other places in the game, but they still looked amazing as well. Orlando was beautiful with its huge buildings and gorgeous palm trees. They did an amazing job with the appearance of this game. every where looks really cool, and it is cool how the longer you race the more mud sticks to your tires and truck. When you finish you are basically covered. It’s also cool seeing the damage actually visible. You bang into a lot of things, and watch your truck just fall apart and your engine smoke. See your truck wobble as your tires get damaged. It is overall just a really quality Monster Truck game, an my favorite one to date. So the events are Drag Racing which is just a short 1 on 1 race where you must beat three different Trucks to finish first in the event. They get more challenging as you go, and getting the perfect RPMs at start is very important. There is standard race where you just race against the whole pack of trucks either 3 or 4 laps. You can take different routes as well. Even taking different routes I could always tell where I needed to go. Some thing I enjoyed over Steel Titans where sometimes I’d get turned around going the wrong direction. There is Freestyle and Destruction events where it’s all about beating the other trucks scores at destroying things doing tricks. The tricks are easy to learn, and hard to master. So you will improve as you go, and the learning is so much fun. There is even a tutorial that will aid in this. The three leagues are made up of a ton of different events, and they are spread out over the different locations. Like one even might be all races, all freestyle, and some might give you a different mix. As you finish each event ranked it will unlock more until you finally reach the Championship of that league. When you win that one it will unlock the next League for you.

I couldn’t finish my review without talking about the sounds of Monster Truck Championship. Really quality voice acting from the girl who helps you start your career. She walks you through everything just perfectly. You really know what to do, because she just gets the point across to you. The music I really don’t remember, and to me that is good when it comes to sports games. I usually end up turning off the music, but with this one it just fits into the game perfectly. It doesn’t really add anything to the experience, but more importantly it doesn’t take anything away from it. The real thing we want to talk about though is the sounds of the trucks. When we get to that subject it’s perfection. The engine roar just feels and sounds so good. You feel like you are in that cockpit, and your just going to dominate the event. You can even use a realistic Cockpit camera to aid in this feeling as well. The damage and destruction sounds so unbelievable to. Loved just blowing through trailers and toilets watching them blow apart into pieces, and sounding so realistic when it happened.

Finally let’s talk about the modes not the career. There is quickplay to just practice your skills, or play with not a lot on the line. There is also Online with up to 7 people where you can create your own events, or play other people’s I wasn’t able to do this much as when i was reviewing it wasn’t released yet. I did how ever find someone to test it out with , and it worked perfectly. Another cool thing is online records and leaderboards. Even in career it keeps up with your scores, so you can show them off. Like right now I was number #1 in the world on several events. I’m sure I won’t be long once this game is released and gets more popular, but as of now I was way ahead on some so looked forward to trying to stay on top. I’ll go ahead and say it again in case you missed it. This is certainly my favorite Monster Truck game to date. even with out the Monster Jam Licensing, and your favorite Trucks and Drivers this game delivers a quality experience. It puts you in the life of a driver and in the seat of a Monster Truck. That really feels good, fun, and realistic in my opinion.

  • The sounds of the trucks are amazing.
  • The events are fun and never feel repetitive.
  • Customization is just hours of enjoyment.
  • The Tracks and locations are realistic, and beautiful.
  • Quality voice acting.
  • Career mode is addictive.
  • No Official license means you won’t get to use the Trucks and Drivers you know and love.
  • Can’t customize your driver at all. been cool to change appearance and outfits to match truck.
Try it free today link below.


Space Crew

Review by Courtney

Developed by Runner Duck

Published by Curve Digital

Available on Steam, Xbox, PS4, Switch for $19.99

Released on October 15th 2020

Space Crew is a strategic space combat game in which you take control of a crew and helm the ship on missions to explore outer space. You control the action, from telling your crew where to shoot and putting out any fires that may start on board when under attack.

The game itself is a bit of an homage to star trek, with the starting uniforms looking awfully familiar. But I wouldn’t get too attached to your crewmates, as many of them sadly will be lost in battle through out the missions.

The missions vary from retrieving cargo to simply trying to kill every enemy you see, with various upgrades for your crew and ship becoming available. The gameplay itself is fairly simple, having you select different crew and directing them where to go. The game also allows you to either slow down or speed up time depending on whether or not there are enemies nearby.

Personally, these kind of games are a bit overwhelming to me. I struggle to find a rhythm to keep my poor crew from all dropping dead. But there is still a definite charm to the game, from the art style to the sound effects. I’m somewhat familiar with the previous title, Bomber Crew, and always thought that game was very cute as well.

If you enjoy strategy and management, and you’re interested in space I think this game will definitely appeal to you.

One of my only serious complaints is that the controls, especially with a controller can be a bit difficult. It doesn’t make the game unplayable, but it does feel a bit counterintuitive at times.

Other than that, I think this game is pretty fun. And I’m certain a lot of people will get enjoyment out of it. For these reasons, my rating is a 6/10.