“An Evil Existence”

  • Reviewer: Carless Yen
  • Developer: Draydur studio
  • Publisher: Draydur studio
  • Release Date: 9/18/2020
  • Price: 19.99

So with the Halloween season upon us was super excited to see this to review this week. Looking forward to a ton of other horror titles coming over the next few weeks as well. The first to arrive though is what we are talking about today though. “An Evil Existence” a single person developed game that really caught my attention. I really looked forward to it, and I can honestly say after playing it I quite enjoyed it. The story goes there was a set of twins the Hartley’s who murdered eight hospital workers, and then disappeared. You play as Lisa a content creator for a unsolved mystery website. You decide to go to the Hartley house with your boyfriend James to investigate it. I really loved how it started it out. The POV camera, following your boyfriend really got me excited for what lied ahead. I was hoping to do some investigating, and maybe see some of his camera as well, and get to know the Lisa character more. I really enjoyed her voice in her few lines. Was really pleasing on the ears, and she seemed like a talented voice actor. So quickly though all that just spends out of control, when you two are separated and the creepy couple are just thrown out there at you all at once. Leaving nothing for surprise. It really just turns into Resident Evil 7 in my opinion. So quickly you are alone, and you know what your up against into slowly working you into it.

I would have loved to be worked into this more slowly. I don’t mean this as a super negative though. The reason I feel like this is the atmosphere, sound, and surroundings are actually creepy as hell. Like you hear the lady talking about where are her pills, and it’s just creepy as hell except they have already shown you both of the enemies so there is nothing left to the imagination. I would have loved to just explore the house a little more, and be eased into the nightmare of trying to survive. It is just so rushed, but I guess that is kind of expected considering you can beat the whole game in barely over an hour. Hopefully they do well enough to make a sequel, or Prequel would probably work out better considering the way this one ends. Right now though this one is super short though, and still cost $20. I have a hard time saying you get $20 worth of content. If you find it on sale though it’s still really enjoyable.

Another issue in my opinion is the combat and the overall controls. There is a lot of times reacting with objects seems really delayed. Like you hit the “A” button and nothing happens for like 10 seconds. The combat just seems really rough around the edges as well. Just feels like you are swinging away and unsure if it’s even making contact. You will see in my video review better, You swing and swing away, and the enemy just sits there. Like a couple times in my play throughs they died and were still standing up so I wasn’t sure what to do. There is only a few battles though so this isn’t something that you are going to deal with a lot. When you aren’t dealing with these issues it’s really creepy. Like the Atmosphere really keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never know what is going to happen next. It’s also super gory and bloody. Which I loved every second of. I know it sounds like I’m being negative about the combat, price, and length of this title but I’m really not. I’m being honest which is important when you review games. In my honest opinion I still quite enjoyed it. Despite it’s flaws I think the positives out weigh them.

The games look, feel, and sound really adds up to a really horrifying experience at times. I can’t even begin to explain just how good this games sounds in your headset or on your tv. You will hear footsteps, mumbling, and just so many thing that really add to the experience of not knowing what is around the next corner. It also has a raw/grimy look to it as well. It really gives me a Resident Evil 7 feel as far as it’s appearance at most times. There was a lot of moments I was grossed out ,or felt really uneasy and that is why you play games like this. So don’t get me wrong it sets out to do the things it wants to, but leaves you wanting more as it comes to a end very quickly. I really hope to see Draydur studio continue with this series or at least continue making horror games. I think they did well a lot more than they missed the mark. I feel when they missed the mark it wasn’t by much either.

  • Easy Achievements.
  • Great quality sound and music.
  • Talented voice acting.
  • Really scary at times.
  • Over priced for the content involved.
  • Controls can feel delayed.
  • Combat really, really bad.
  • Super short.

Overall Impression: Comes up a little short in most cases, but when it’s actually doing things well it’s a really , really good experience and creepy.

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