Dongo Adventure – Switch Review

Release date: Jul 09, 2020
Players: 1 player
Genre: Adventure, Action, Platformer, Arcade
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Developer: QUByte Interactive
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A lot of my gaming as a kid? Platformers. Mario, Bubsy, The Lion King, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog… All of these cartridges were well-loved and highly praised by child me for various reasons: quality, playability, amazing soundtracks, and responsive controls. Dongo Adventure has none of these things.

Dongo is an adorable mouse that reminds me of Remy from Ratatouille. He’s very close in comparison, and very easy to like. His cute fuzzy features and big stupid backpack make the guy an easy sell. The character is just plain cute, and heck, I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy cute things. Cute things are pleasing to the eye and they illicit the “let me hold it and squish the life out of it with my love” response that I must fight when I pick up kittens or puppies. I have restraint, but dang if I don’t wanna squeeze their cute little faces off.

Dongo will be gallivanting around various mouse-attuned areas, like sewers, a kitchen, your living room — you know, normal mouse spaces. He’ll encounter bugs and other enemies, and in order to deal with them he literally beats them to death with his own cheese stash. This is just the beginning of things getting weird. I bet you’re already thinking, “Gee, Eli, I can’t think of a single mouse on this planet that would willingly part with their cheese stash!” I can’t either, but that’s the least of my worries when it comes to this game.

Platforming is the main mode of play. Aged 3D graphics may mask the real 2D style of gameplay, but this game is a 90’s platformer at heart, and that’s a welcome thing to see. The controls are iffy, sometimes I can’t figure out where a jump will land. Other times, I’m right on point before I fall right through an entire platform — and that’s where my gripe is. These are the kinds of bugs one cannot murder with a cheese wedge. Dongo doesn’t deserve these awful and gruesome deaths.

Graphically, they seem to have opted to use photo-realistic textures for in-game objects, which results in this weird hat that seems to be made out of corn rather than straw, and an absolutely terrifying cat that will look down on you from above in one level. While the graphics aren’t particularly impressive, they also aren’t terrible and can result in a few giggles if you’re the type to pay attention. An overly average sound track also graces the stage and we have what comes out to be a strikingly middle-of-the-road experience.

-Dongo is very cute and I love his face

-That cat will be in my nightmares
-I now want to play the latest Bubsy game

Overall: 5/10
Dongo Adventure was a playthrough that was filled with frustration. The amount of times I fell through objects was absolutely unacceptable. The clunky controls also made it hard to get a real feel for the game and settle into a groove. I feel bad, because what’s here could easily have been a pleasant experience, and I hope this little mouse gets another chance to shine in the future because I can’t help but just love him…

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