Fight Crab – Switch Review

Release date: September 15, 2020
Players: Up to 4 players
Genre: Simulation, Action, Fighting, Multiplayer
Developer: Calappa Games
Publisher: Mastiff
Price: 19.99
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I remember seeing a little about Fight Crab on various gaming websites — the screenshots showed off intense crab on crab combat with various weapons that showed off the silliness of the premise. The crustacean carnage and brutality was intense, and I remember thinking to myself, I really, really hope this comes to Switch. The amount of child-like awe I had when first viewing content about the game made me smile with a glee I hadn’t felt since the Nintendo 64 days, and I was hooked on following the game’s progress toward launch.

Fight Crab came to PC via Steam at the tail end of July, to much positive acclaim. Now out on Switch as of last month, I was surprised to find a review key offered to me from the publisher. Finally, with detached joy-con in hand, I am able to scuttle my own way toward domination — but is this what I had hoped? Will I be able to put myself into the shoes of a crab and conquer my way through the onslaught of other sea creatures that come before me? Let’s take a look!

Fight Crab’s campaign begins with a tutorial that shows you the basics of movement and combat. The left stick allows you to scuttle, and waving the joy-con around allows you to wave your forearms around, triggers allowing you to pinch the complete crap out of your opponent. Utilizing your movement and claws, your objective is to simply flip your opponent onto its back for the duration of a countdown. Then, you are victorious. Simple enough for me.

Once you learn the basics, you’ll move through various fights, allowing you to collect currency after each battle. The more you earn, the more you can upgrade your crab’s parameters — alternatively, you can stash currency and unlock additional crabs, each with their own starting stat spread, so finding a crab that you feel at home with is key.

Apart from the campaign, there is online and offline multiplayer. Up to four players can pinch the shit out of each other and fight using cars, trees, swords, and more to inflict as much damage on each other as possible before going for the flip. While you can right yourself in some circumstances, watching your crab struggle on screen while you actively try to get back up is as amusing as it is heartbreaking — my poor little buddy!

Fight Crab knows that it’s silly. It plays on itself in a way that is not only entertaining, but challenging without being too serious. This helps when going for challenges, most of which are difficult. While most fighting games can agitate players over time, the quirkiness of fight crab kept me smiling the entire time, even as I was losing.

For fans of collection — there are 23 types of playable crab, 48 different weapons, and 11 unique battle arenas to fight in, each of which is a vibrant and colorful environment that you can use to your advantage. Various objects are strewn about and you can scuttle along rocks to gain a high ground advantage, or even grab knives on a table spread to attempt to pierce the hard shells of your foes.

-Absolutely bonkers premise that both surprises and delights
-Unlockable items and crabs

-Starting crabs can be very slow and unwieldy

Overall: 9/10

Fight Crab has met my expectations and then some, what I thought would be a silly game where you literally fight crabs with other crabs is just that. This game has a lot of content, is full of great physics and even greater crabs. If you love crabs, or if you breathe air, you should play this game. Check out the trailer below from Mastiff to get a feel for Fight Crab, and maybe you’ll raise some shell with your friends some time, too.

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