Get 10 Quest

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Review by Courtney

Published by Fantastico Studio

Available for $2.99 on Nintendo Switch

Get 10 Quest is a number puzzle game available for Nintendo switch. There is 80 levels with six modes and an endless mode.

This is a fairly simplistic puzzle game based on destroying all the blocks on the screen by getting them to consolidate into each other. There is also different modes with different rule sets, but this is the main goal. I found myself mostly enjoying the endless mode with just the ability to zone out and relax.

I really enjoyed the minimalism of the game and I can’t think of much to say about it other than its a nice, standard puzzle game. The sound effects and colors are really pleasant, and I enjoyed my time with the game.

For three dollars, I think this is a great grab for anyone who likes puzzles, especially if you’re on a long bus trip or plane ride. I spent a lot of time playing it just the other day when my internet was down for awhile. It’s a solid distractor and has plenty of levels to keep your brain going.

Overall I had fun with this game and I would absolutely play it again. It may be a little short but the price is so low this isn’t a huge negative in my opinion. For these reasons, my rating is 8/10.

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