GolfTopia – Steam Review

Release date: Jul 21, 2020 (Early Access)
Players: 1 player
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Publisher: MinMax Games Ltd.
Developer: MinMax Games Ltd.
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Simulation games are a popular vein for most PC players. Almost everyone has worn out a trackball mouse or three back in the days of Sim City, and personally I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in games like The Sims, or Roller Coaster Tycoon. GolfTopia is breaking into a beloved genre, and with great gusto — but does the title come in under par, or should it be left in the rough?

You start with a small plot on a colorful island. Beautiful foliage and crystal waters surround the area, making it truly a sight to behold. A worthy locale for a resort utopia for certain, but are we up to the task to whip this island into the paradise we know it can be? That’s our premise, and as loose of a story as it is, sim game fans will know that they don’t need much in terms of plot in order to enjoy themselves.

Starting with a meager budget, you’re able to create a starting hub and a few holes to begin the start of your island-shaping adventure. The basics aren’t the only things to worry about: lighting, bathroom access, rest stops, refreshments and cleanup detail all matter in terms of making this not only a fun place to be, but a relaxing and comfortable place as well. Every detail matters, and you’ll find yourself thinking from the perspective of your customers more often than not — and getting into that headspace can have great reward.

Pure golf fans will find a lot to do with GolfTopia, but players more into zany customization won’t be disappointed, either. GolfTopia has an array of crazy contraptions that can be added to players’ courses, each of which can impact the way a hole is played and can either up the fun factor for visiting patrons, or make them incredibly irritated! Either way, the results are definitely worth seeing for each one, and you can even snag some achievements for a few of them. The creativity alone is worth trying them out at least once.

Mechanically, the game works well. As patrons visit the resort, they will pay per hole completed, with a higher modifier for their enjoyment rating. Establishing a fun course can inspire visitors to return, and regulars will be worth way more money than a first-time visitor. Keeping your clients happy, however, can be a tricky endeavor. At first, you’ll want to make sure that all basic needs are met, which is easier said than done! Luckily enough, feedback does exist and checking it regularly will help you find out which changes need making the quickest.

-Really great graphics
-Easy to learn customization
-Fun contraptions!

-It can be tough to figure out what to do at first
-Easy mode isn’t actually easy

Overall: 9/10

It’s worth noting that GolfTopia is still only an Early Access title, and that means that more changes and balances are sure to come. What is here already though is an absolute blast for any simulation game fan, golf fan, or person who just likes to milk business games for all the money they can. With its colorful island aesthetic and fantastic collection of course-creation tools, GolfTopia should definitely be on your radar.

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