Hang the Kings — Switch Review

: QUByte Interactive
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Action, Platformer
Platform: Switch
Release Date: July 02, 2020
Price: $0.99

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Chess is, in and of itself a logical puzzle. One where the board works against you through the other player, and one where sacrifices must be made for the chance at victory. Hang the Kings takes a single-player approach to this, adding more puzzle elements in a rising difficulty of challenge.

Players familiar with the rules of Chess will know that each type of piece has a unique pattern of movement. Using this movement, you’ll be tasked with eliminating the enemy pieces before you can take out their king piece. This starts with relatively simple puzzles that do a good job of providing an introduction to the way the pieces move, and builds to more complex puzzles that are challenging while reimagining fun.

The music for Hang the Kings is originally composed specifically for the game. It’s a relaxing soundtrack that helped me stay collected while moving things around and feeling out the different puzzles. Graphically, there’s not much to say here, but the thing is, there doesn’t have to be. There are enough games out there with awe-inspiring graphics and this doesn’t need to be one.

Later levels introduced a pretty mind boggling feature — an additional color. For whatever reason this simply blew my mind because Chess was always about a binary set of opposing forces and goodness gracious how dare we change it up? But it works.

The controls are snappy, the puzzles are fun. And this game is only a dollar. For puzzles fans I’m absolutely telling you that this is a good pickup. If you don’t have a dollar right now, I have even better news, because the title is currently half off on the Switch eShop.

-Wonderful reimagining of a classic board game
-Good rollout of new mechanics, introductions are seamless and fluid
-Great ramp in difficulty

-Soundtrack is a bit repetitive

Overall: 9.510

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