“Jet Set Knights”

The king has gone away for a while, making the kingdom ripe for attack by the forces from the dark underworld. Princess Kitty and her subjects are now in danger! Can you save the day!? Control one of the four brave knights, face hundreds of evil creatures and protect the princess at all costs! Jet Set Knights is an old-school arcade action platformer inspired by classics from the golden age! Experience a new take on the classic with unique tower defense and RPG elements!


* Pick up and play controls

* Choose from four Knights, each with unique abilities

* Save the princess solo or with friends locally

* Unlock secret characters, weapons, and spells

I had a really good time with this one. Typical Ratalaika fashion easy achievements and tons of fun. You can choose from four different Knights, and they all have unique abilities. You have to protect a princess by keeping enemies off of her by building walls, traps, and fighting waves of various enemy types. The enemies are adorable, and fit well with the level you are on. The same can be said for the bosses. You will battle adorable slime Octopus and giant Cupcakes. Just a lot of really well designed and fun characters to see in this one. The princess is adorable as well with her little pigtails. The whole game design is just quality in my opinion. All the way down to the mini games, music, and bonuses you can obtain. It’s a modern retro that really gives you everything you loved about games of the past with doses of things that are current that will keep you coming back to it.

There is so many things to unlock, and hidden things to find you can play it far after you’ve got that complete Achievement score. Like daily bonus and roulette wheel that lets you spend coin to unlock special abilities. I kept playing it far after I collected my 1,000. When you beat the boss for the level it isn’t over it just picks up pace and becomes more of a challenge. That is something I love about most Ratalaika releases. They set the Achievements up for the people grabbing the game for the score, but leave plenty after that for the people who enjoy the games as well. It’s also a pretty cool couch coop game as well. It’s one you will enjoy playing with your friends a ton. It has some RPG elements, but it’s more Roguelike. Like you can level up, but it’s just for that run. The perks/abilities you unlock though stick with you. So it’s something you can step away from , and come back to and not feel lost. It’s also one of those games you can pick up before bed or dinner when you just have a few minutes to do a nice little run.

So check out the video review below if you’d like a more in depth look at the game play. I really feel most retro gaming fans will find the joy in this one easy. It has that one run type quality of old school arcade titles like Donley Kong. Not every one has hours and hours to sit in front of their television gaming, and games like this that are short and sweet really do fill that need. I could take a break to relax and sit down with this one today, tomorrow, or years from now and still have the same enjoyable experience.

  • Cute adorable characters and levels.
  • EASY Achievements/Trophies.
  • Really captures the arcade era feel.
  • Challenging to master, but easy to learn and enjoy.
  • Tons of things to unlock.
  • Little pricier than typical Ratalaika releases.
  • Wish there was a few more levels to enjoy.

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