Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Kaiko
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Release Date: 9/8/2020
  • Platforms: PS4, XBOX, and PC
  • Price: 39.99

I was a huge fan of the original, so was excited to get this version in to review. I had read comments saying there was a lot of issues with it at launch so delayed my review a bit before playing it. I jumped into it about 2 weeks after release. I kind of worried about that knowing this game can take up to 100 hours to complete., but I was having some back issues so had plenty of down time so decided to go at it non-stop. I had no issues with it getting the late start so they must have ironed them out quickly. I only played about 50 to 60 hours, because i wanted to get this in quick. I had played the original and DLCs so i figured that be enough time to give a honest impression. I can honestly say I enjoyed it as much as the original, and i can really see why or why not you’d make this upgrade. It looks a little better, nothing drastic I don’t think. They cleaned up the first one they didn’t completely redo like some remasters. They left everything you loved about the original, keeping the original source as close to the one you know and love. So if your a huge fan and wanted a upgrade I can see spending the 39.99 easy. Like I said 100 hours so you are gonna be getting your value back no question. The way this game is set up you can play it over and over as well. There is just so much content, and gameplay variations that make this game one of those you can buy if you don’t buy a lot of games or only get for gifts, and play it all year. If you are new to it it can seem a little dated especially if you have been playing Witcher or something like that. To explain it really has a first fable type vibe to it. So if you enjoy RPGs of that period of time I can see you loving this.

Your character customization from the start really just shows how in depth this game is going to be. There are so many options of appearance but also skills. You can literally play this in so many different ways, and it never feel the same. Like you can upgrade different character types, and have different moves and magics. Same goes with the weapons for these classes. You can have a ton of different weapons from light and heavy swords to Staffs, bows, daggers, and so much more. You can even mix these type of classes up and try different ones. You get a primary and secondary weapon spot so can try two different ones at once. You decide you don’t like your choices you can change the styles and weapons at any time. So your choices in this game seem limitless. The same goes for story choices, there are so many different ways to go along your journey. Join certain factions, help different people, just do the main missions it’s up to you. The options and game’s map is enormous. You will be entertained for hours and hours. I probably spent hours just managing my inventory, deciding what to use and sell. If I didn’t get games like I do and wanted something that made me feel like I got my money’s worth I’d with out a doubt would grab this.

Let’s talk about how it looks and sounds for a bit. I think it’s a improvement over the original’s look, but I don’t think it’s a huge improvement. It’s not a difference that is mind blowing, but it’s enough to feel like you are playing it on a new console. If you enjoyed how the original looks I think it really keeps that original detail and design. I love all the different monster and enemy types, they all vary so much. It will make you approach with caution to learn their different attacks, or element damage they can do to you. Like some can give you diseases or curses, or have fire or electricity. You have to pay attention, and sometimes use different weapons or armors in areas. There are different skill levels though if you struggle, you can play it on easier levels. So it is for all skill of players in my opinion. I loved the sounds and music as well very melancholy and fitting of the time period. Like I said it really has that original Fable feel and setting. If you loved it or Oblivion I can see you really enjoying this as well.

I can’t wait to finish up this review and go play it some more. I’ll have to reinstall it though, because I had to delete it to actually make myself go and do this review. I just couldn’t stop playing it. It is one of those worlds you just get lost in. Such amazing enemies, NPCs, and stories that just keep you glued to the television. The world is just so easy to travel, and fun to explore. Loaded with so many secrets and loot to find. I found myself just wanting to check around every corner for a chest to lock pick, or cave to explore. It’s really an addictive experience., and I’m so glad I got to step back into this lovely game. Playing it over refreshed me on so many classic moments, and new ones since I didn’t have the DLCs on the original. I heard they may even do some new DLC, I can only hope. So if you love RPGs like I do. I highly recommend you checking this one out. Especially if you never experienced it last Gen.

  • Hours and hours of content.
  • Unforgettable adventures and characters.
  • So many ways to play classes and weapons.
  • Awesome Boss battles and variations of enemy types
  • Everything you loved about the original cleaned up a little.
  • Not as remastered as some other titles, but sticks to the source material.
  • May feel a little dated for some RPG fans.
  • Overall Impression: 8.2

If you loved the original they really kept everything you know and loved about it. So if you want to play it all over on your modern console you are sure to enjoy it all over again. If you’ve never played it before, and love classic games like Fable and Oblivion you are sure to enjoy this remaster as well. I could see some people who only have experienced games like The Witcher maybe feeling that it feels dated. To me though I enjoyed it for hour after hour, and will be for hours to come.

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