Review by Courtney

Available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for $1.99

Published by QUByte Interactive

Released on April 16th 2020

Magicolors is a voxel puzzle board game style game in which you play as a wizard trying to use his staff to collect all the power crystals in the level. You move the wizard around the board, and aim your staff with the goal of hitting all crystals with one shot. The levels start out very simply and increase in challenge as the game goes on.

The game itself is very straightforward with basically no story and limited explanation, but I didn’t really feel like it suffered for it. It is simply just a puzzle game, with the focus being on solving where to position your wizard to achieve the goal. The game slowly adds new mechanics as the levels continue, keeping it fairly fresh overall.

I do think if this isn’t something you really love, it will get a bit repetitive and boring without there being much going on but the puzzles.

I really liked the simple graphics and board game feel to the game, it was a fun experience without being too complex. It’s fairly short, but for the price I think it’s completely fine.

I think this is a bit of a polarizing game design wise, and I know there are some people that really hate the voxel design, but I thought it was pretty cute. The wizard definitely looks like a stereotypical wizard, and I really liked him.

Learning new spells and new ways to solve the puzzles is fun, and the game is nice and relaxing. These little cheap puzzle games are great in my opinion if you’re going on a bus ride or road trip and want something to distract you.

Overall my rating is an 8/10.

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