“Max and the Book of Chaos”

Reviewer” Carless Yen
Developer: Orenji Games
Publisher: JanduSoft
Release Date: 7/24/2020
Price: 6.79 currently
Platforms:PC/MAC, PS4, Switch and XboxOne

I’ll start out by saying I loved “Max and the Book of Chaos” that my spoil my review a little, but oh well I had a blast with it. It really gives me like a Indie “Cuphead” vibe. It’s so challenging even on easy. The comic book story delivery is done masterfully It’s hilarious and the art is beautiful. The same can be said for the art style in game as well. It’s bright and colorful, and the design of the characters, enemies, and bosses are just adorable. It was certainly a nice surprise. I had read it was like Metal Slug and expected something totally different. I also loved the story as it kind of reminded me of Army of Darkness a little with kids.

You play as Max and you are trying to rescue the kids. There are six stages and each has six levels. Each level the difficulty spikes. You get a star for each kid you rescue on each level so you can get 3 for each. So you can get 3 on each of the first 3 easy levels and just one on the medium and fight the boss. Boss fight for each stage only requires 10 stars. You use the stars for more than just getting to the boss though. There are also upgrades you can purchase for your character. Like adding extra health or attracting more money. The money can be used for purchasing Weapon upgrades or character skins. Like I said before though the boss battles are just amazing and are going to really test you. You have to learn the patterns, and a lot will be trial and error. Even on easy the game will test you.

So if you are looking for something fun and fast paced that is going to really challenge you, you should grab “Max and the Book of Chaos” I had a really good time with it , and plan on streaming it a little here in a bit. So if your on the fence about it check out our video review or maybe drop in on the stream.

A real challenge
Fast paced and fun
Awesome comic book delivered story
Really rad characters and bosses
Cool upgrades and character skins

The difficulty even on easy may steer away some gamers.

Overall Impression:
Fans of tough run and guns like “Cuphead” will really enjoy this. The art style and characters are just as adorable, and the challenge is just as real. I highly recommend this to fans of Run and Guns and gamers who want a little test in their games.

Video review below:

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