Monster Truck Championship Review

So you love Monster Trucks as much as I do? You love hearing the roaring of the engines, and the sounds of destruction as they crush the cars below them? Then we got a treat for you today. “Monster Truck Championship” makes it’s way on to all major consoles this week, and it’s tons of fun. I’ve put hours and hours into it over the last week, and I can honestly say it’s the best Monster Truck game I’ve played to date. I reviewed “Monster Jam Steel Titans” not to long ago, and I liked this one a little better honestly. Yes it would been cooler if this was officially licensed, and I could have played with my favorite Trucks and Drivers from the sport. This does something different though it puts the career in your hands. You become the driver you want to be. You drive the truck you want to drive. The customization is just amazing. with 16 different styles of trucks to work with, it gets even more customizable when you realize you can apply stickers and even paint the truck everywhere and the colors you prefer. You start with a plain truck and before you finish your career I guarantee your truck has seen thousands of changes. You will be blown away by all the things you can unlock for it, and I’ll cover that more in the next paragraph about crew and sponsors. There are over 50 customisable¬†elements.

So like I said let’s talk your career. It really makes up the meat and potatoes of Monster Truck Championship in my opinion. You get to pick every thing from your Crew and even your sponsors. Your crew gives you abilities like faster engine abilities, cheaper event sign ups, and even the ability to make more money. It’s very important to pay attention, and use these in the way you want to go about your career. Sponsors are important for how you want to upgrade your truck. Different ones will come and go. Some will even expire if you don’t complete their objectives in a certain amount of time. That is okay though they will reward you partially, and more will appear to replace them. Sponsors will give you a certain amount of money and truck parts. There will be some that say get a perfect start in two events and unlock money and 2 truck parts. Some will say things like score three 5,000 point wheelies in an event and get three Truck parts and a certain amount of cash. They all vary, in parts, objectives, and in cash so you have to pay close attention to get what ever you are looking for.

So your career is made up of 3 different levels of classes. You will have to make your way through three different skill level Leagues. Each will have events spread across 25 different arenas. I was really surprised to see one in my area. They did an amazing job with these as well. It really looked like where I lived. I haven’t been to the other places in the game, but they still looked amazing as well. Orlando was beautiful with its huge buildings and gorgeous palm trees. They did an amazing job with the appearance of this game. every where looks really cool, and it is cool how the longer you race the more mud sticks to your tires and truck. When you finish you are basically covered. It’s also cool seeing the damage actually visible. You bang into a lot of things, and watch your truck just fall apart and your engine smoke. See your truck wobble as your tires get damaged. It is overall just a really quality Monster Truck game, an my favorite one to date. So the events are Drag Racing which is just a short 1 on 1 race where you must beat three different Trucks to finish first in the event. They get more challenging as you go, and getting the perfect RPMs at start is very important. There is standard race where you just race against the whole pack of trucks either 3 or 4 laps. You can take different routes as well. Even taking different routes I could always tell where I needed to go. Some thing I enjoyed over Steel Titans where sometimes I’d get turned around going the wrong direction. There is Freestyle and Destruction events where it’s all about beating the other trucks scores at destroying things doing tricks. The tricks are easy to learn, and hard to master. So you will improve as you go, and the learning is so much fun. There is even a tutorial that will aid in this. The three leagues are made up of a ton of different events, and they are spread out over the different locations. Like one even might be all races, all freestyle, and some might give you a different mix. As you finish each event ranked it will unlock more until you finally reach the Championship of that league. When you win that one it will unlock the next League for you.

I couldn’t finish my review without talking about the sounds of Monster Truck Championship. Really quality voice acting from the girl who helps you start your career. She walks you through everything just perfectly. You really know what to do, because she just gets the point across to you. The music I really don’t remember, and to me that is good when it comes to sports games. I usually end up turning off the music, but with this one it just fits into the game perfectly. It doesn’t really add anything to the experience, but more importantly it doesn’t take anything away from it. The real thing we want to talk about though is the sounds of the trucks. When we get to that subject it’s perfection. The engine roar just feels and sounds so good. You feel like you are in that cockpit, and your just going to dominate the event. You can even use a realistic Cockpit camera to aid in this feeling as well. The damage and destruction sounds so unbelievable to. Loved just blowing through trailers and toilets watching them blow apart into pieces, and sounding so realistic when it happened.

Finally let’s talk about the modes not the career. There is quickplay to just practice your skills, or play with not a lot on the line. There is also Online with up to 7 people where you can create your own events, or play other people’s I wasn’t able to do this much as when i was reviewing it wasn’t released yet. I did how ever find someone to test it out with , and it worked perfectly. Another cool thing is online records and leaderboards. Even in career it keeps up with your scores, so you can show them off. Like right now I was number #1 in the world on several events. I’m sure I won’t be long once this game is released and gets more popular, but as of now I was way ahead on some so looked forward to trying to stay on top. I’ll go ahead and say it again in case you missed it. This is certainly my favorite Monster Truck game to date. even with out the Monster Jam Licensing, and your favorite Trucks and Drivers this game delivers a quality experience. It puts you in the life of a driver and in the seat of a Monster Truck. That really feels good, fun, and realistic in my opinion.

  • The sounds of the trucks are amazing.
  • The events are fun and never feel repetitive.
  • Customization is just hours of enjoyment.
  • The Tracks and locations are realistic, and beautiful.
  • Quality voice acting.
  • Career mode is addictive.
  • No Official license means you won’t get to use the Trucks and Drivers you know and love.
  • Can’t customize your driver at all. been cool to change appearance and outfits to match truck.
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