New devices coming from Nacon early 2021.

I know we are really excited about these, and looking forward to getting our hands on them. I can’t wait to see the Revolution X especially. I currently use the XBOX Elite V2, and love it but it has a lot of flaws. The series one did as well. I also used the PowerA Fusion Pro so I really like these pro model controllers. I’m really hoping Nacon delivers on these like I expect they will. Just looking at them it really appears the quality is there, and I’d expect nothing less from them they have been delivering some quality games this generation so why not bring that creative quality to devices as well?

Lesquin, France, October 12, 2020 – NACON, a major player in the design and distribution of video games and gaming accessories, is pleased to introduce its new range of Designed for Xbox accessories: the NACON MG-X Series, specially designed for Android mobile devices and cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; and two new customizable controllers designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PC.

MG-X Series by NACON – Turning smartphones into consoles

With all the functionality of official game controllers, NACON’s MG-X Series allows Xbox fans to enjoy an optimal gaming experience on smartphones.

The two MG-X controllers are sturdy and include adjustable stands that securely accommodate any Android smartphone up to 6.7 inches. In just a few taps, the smartphone wirelessly (Bluetooth 4.2) connects to the controller and provides up to 20 hours of gaming thanks to the included rechargeable battery.

The MG-X is a compact model, which fits all hand sizes and is ultra-portable. With its gamer-focused design, it turns smartphones into a handheld console.
For an experience closer to traditional controllers, players will want to choose the MG-X Pro. With its two handles and traditional controller shape, it provides comfort and robustness to fully enjoy your favorite smartphone games.
Revolution X and Pro Compact – Customization at your fingertips

The Revolution continues on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! The Revolution family of controllers is expanding and welcoming its very first Designed for Xbox model. Fully customizable and optimized for competitive gaming on consoles and PC, all of NACON’s expertise in professional controllers has gone into the Revolution X. With full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights, it will appeal to the most demanding gamers.
With ergonomics tailored to a wide range of hand sizes, gamers will love the many customization options available with NACON’s Pro Compact controller. As well as enjoying all the classic features of the Xbox Wireless Controller, fans can choose a standard game mode or advanced mode thanks to the dedicated app available for consoles and PC. The Pro Compact is a versatile and accessible model with many different settings usually found on professional controllers, including programmable buttons, stick settings and trigger sensitivity controls. It is an ideal choice for gamers looking for the best in comfort and customization.
The MG-X Series designed for cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as the Revolution X and Pro Compact controllers designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, will be available in early 2021.
NACON is a company of the BIGBEN Group founded in 2019 to optimize its know-how through strong synergies in the video game market. By bringing together its 8 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, the design and distribution of premium gaming devices, NACON focuses 20 years of expertise at the service of players. This new unified business unit strengthens NACON’s position in the market, enables it to innovate by creating new unique competitive advantages and achieve its ambition to become one of the world’s leading players in gaming.

“An Evil Existence”

  • Reviewer: Carless Yen
  • Developer: Draydur studio
  • Publisher: Draydur studio
  • Release Date: 9/18/2020
  • Price: 19.99

So with the Halloween season upon us was super excited to see this to review this week. Looking forward to a ton of other horror titles coming over the next few weeks as well. The first to arrive though is what we are talking about today though. “An Evil Existence” a single person developed game that really caught my attention. I really looked forward to it, and I can honestly say after playing it I quite enjoyed it. The story goes there was a set of twins the Hartley’s who murdered eight hospital workers, and then disappeared. You play as Lisa a content creator for a unsolved mystery website. You decide to go to the Hartley house with your boyfriend James to investigate it. I really loved how it started it out. The POV camera, following your boyfriend really got me excited for what lied ahead. I was hoping to do some investigating, and maybe see some of his camera as well, and get to know the Lisa character more. I really enjoyed her voice in her few lines. Was really pleasing on the ears, and she seemed like a talented voice actor. So quickly though all that just spends out of control, when you two are separated and the creepy couple are just thrown out there at you all at once. Leaving nothing for surprise. It really just turns into Resident Evil 7 in my opinion. So quickly you are alone, and you know what your up against into slowly working you into it.

I would have loved to be worked into this more slowly. I don’t mean this as a super negative though. The reason I feel like this is the atmosphere, sound, and surroundings are actually creepy as hell. Like you hear the lady talking about where are her pills, and it’s just creepy as hell except they have already shown you both of the enemies so there is nothing left to the imagination. I would have loved to just explore the house a little more, and be eased into the nightmare of trying to survive. It is just so rushed, but I guess that is kind of expected considering you can beat the whole game in barely over an hour. Hopefully they do well enough to make a sequel, or Prequel would probably work out better considering the way this one ends. Right now though this one is super short though, and still cost $20. I have a hard time saying you get $20 worth of content. If you find it on sale though it’s still really enjoyable.

Another issue in my opinion is the combat and the overall controls. There is a lot of times reacting with objects seems really delayed. Like you hit the “A” button and nothing happens for like 10 seconds. The combat just seems really rough around the edges as well. Just feels like you are swinging away and unsure if it’s even making contact. You will see in my video review better, You swing and swing away, and the enemy just sits there. Like a couple times in my play throughs they died and were still standing up so I wasn’t sure what to do. There is only a few battles though so this isn’t something that you are going to deal with a lot. When you aren’t dealing with these issues it’s really creepy. Like the Atmosphere really keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never know what is going to happen next. It’s also super gory and bloody. Which I loved every second of. I know it sounds like I’m being negative about the combat, price, and length of this title but I’m really not. I’m being honest which is important when you review games. In my honest opinion I still quite enjoyed it. Despite it’s flaws I think the positives out weigh them.

The games look, feel, and sound really adds up to a really horrifying experience at times. I can’t even begin to explain just how good this games sounds in your headset or on your tv. You will hear footsteps, mumbling, and just so many thing that really add to the experience of not knowing what is around the next corner. It also has a raw/grimy look to it as well. It really gives me a Resident Evil 7 feel as far as it’s appearance at most times. There was a lot of moments I was grossed out ,or felt really uneasy and that is why you play games like this. So don’t get me wrong it sets out to do the things it wants to, but leaves you wanting more as it comes to a end very quickly. I really hope to see Draydur studio continue with this series or at least continue making horror games. I think they did well a lot more than they missed the mark. I feel when they missed the mark it wasn’t by much either.

  • Easy Achievements.
  • Great quality sound and music.
  • Talented voice acting.
  • Really scary at times.
  • Over priced for the content involved.
  • Controls can feel delayed.
  • Combat really, really bad.
  • Super short.

Overall Impression: Comes up a little short in most cases, but when it’s actually doing things well it’s a really , really good experience and creepy.

“Shadow Gangs”

  • Developer: JKM CORP LTD
  • Publisher: JKM CORP LTD
  • Platforms: XBOX and PC
  • Release Date: 10/14/2020
  • Price: 23.99

So if anyone watched my video review for this title you heard me struggle to get it done, so hopefully this written review does a better job at informing you more about the release. I don’t want to leave out the emotions in my written review either though so I’ll start out with it here as well. In the early 90’s I was a lonely and depressed kid and my only real escape was in video games and comic books. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that, and it’s amazing how these things provide sort of a security blanket for us. They give us an escape from reality when some of us have rough moments. Shinobi was an escape for me though. I’d go to an Arcade near my house and pump quarter after quarter into the machine. I think the owner realized what i was doing and started just leaving the machine open when I would arrive so I could keep using my same quarter. I’d be the only person in there, and I guess he could probably tell what that machine done for me. The moment I saw this I got really emotional because it took me right back to my love for Shinobi, and what it done for me. “Shadow Gangs” just delivers right from the start that 90’s arcade feeling. I was taken right back to Shinobi, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes all those games I knew and loved. JKM just did an amazing job at capturing that, and I can say with ease this was the best modern retro title I’ve played this year. It is just a nearly perfect videogame that is a must for retro fans gaming collections. I really hope this gets a physical release from Limited Edition or one of these other limited run indie release teams. Let’s go away from how I feel about it though and get down to talking about this amazing game.

You play the role of Dan the current ninja order master. Your mission is to rescue your family from the Shadow Force crime organization, whose members are known as the Shadow Gangs. On the bottom right of the screen it will tell you just how many you have left to rescue, and you must rescue them all to advance to next checkpoint or to end the level. The levels are timed so it is important to explore, and learn their locations. There are 5 Missions and each has 2 levels. So ten levels in total. Each Mission area also has a epic Boss battle. You must beat each mission area with only three men and two continues. It’s okay if you die after beating a mission though because there is a mission select option to pick right back up on the mission you died on. If you die on a boss or second level of a mission though you have to play that entire mission over. It can be really challenging even on easy. So you will be playing some over and over trying to learn where the ninjas are hidden or learn enemy placement to avoid taking damage from them. Will even play some over learning Boss attack patterns. So I could see maybe people not fans of playing levels over or difficult games giving up on this early. That would be sad though because they would miss out on a really amazing game. Sort of like Dark Souls it has that feeling of accomplishment when you beat a boss or stage. It’s by no means as difficult, but it feels really good still to see what comes next.

The bosses in this game are just epic and remind me of pop culture characters like Freddie Mercury and Lex Luthor. Every time I made it to a new one , and they kicked my ass I couldn’t wait to make my way back to learn just how to defeat them next time. It didn’t always work that way though I died a lot. I never really got frustrated though, because it was so much fun. I did how ever get frustrated with the controls at times though. The way it works you have one attack button and one jump button. There is two other buttons but it’s the bumpers one does your special screen clearing special move the other drops a powerful landmine. The attack button either shoots or throws ninja stars until something gets close to you then it either kicks or uses a sword. I wish you could determine this on your own, because it leads to a lot of cheap death especially from above from jumping characters. Would been nice to choose to swing sword or jump kick with a button or throw projectiles when i wanted to. I understand though the original wasn’t like that though. Still would been cool to see the improvement added to modern though. Would have improved the experience and added so much to the combat. I can most times rack up a lot of things that need improved though or cons, and this is the only thing I could say about this title. It is just really perfection in my opinion. This is one of those games you could throw it into an Arcade cabinet right now throw it in an arcade and i don’t think anyone would notice it wasn’t from that era. I think most people would think wow I missed out on this one back then.

So let’s talk about the powerups a little. One of the powerups will give you your Ninja suit and a Uzi. This will allow you to shoot at enemies instead of throwing Ninja stars. It is a huge improvement because bigger enemies will swat down your stars, and they can\t do that to bullets. So you will want to try , and not die to keep this ability going because it makes it so much easier. There is also extra lives to be found, and even a drone that will fly above you and shoot as well. This is another one of those you will want to hold on to as long as possible. There are also special attacks where it flies around the screen killing everything. I usually tried to save these for the bosses, as well as the land mines. Both are very powerful attacks that seem wasted using through the levels unless you just have to because you’re surrounded. There are also Bonus levels that you can find hidden through levels or you go to directly after finishing a level. One you have a Uzi and you have to shoot at enemy ninjas trying to steal pickups from you. They are on a top and bottom level so you have to shoot normal or push up to hit them on higher level. To be honest I’m not sure what you are rewarded, because I never was able to beat one of these. They almost had me wishing for a cursor to move around like a rail shooter because I just couldn’t master this control system. There was also a level where Ninjas jump out of windows and you have to stop them from escaping. To be honest I can’t tell you what you get for this either, because this was super difficult as well. I look forward to getting it down though, and mastering it but due to time and needing to get this review out I didn’t have time to master it yet.

I’m going to close this review talking about the sights and sounds of “Shadow Gangs” I just really loved this art style. It really captured that 90’s arcade look, but with a modern upgrade. It looks like 80’s/90’s titles like “Double Dragon” or “Bad Dudes” but looks so much better as well. The colors are so bright, and everything is masterfully detailed. I can’t think of a game that delivered that look and feel in this genre so perfectly. The music is really rad as well. I read it took 5 years to make this soundtrack, and I believe it. It’s so well done, and adds to the action with 90’s style guitar rifts just blasting through your speakers or headset. The sounds of the game are great as well. It really sounds like a classic arcade beat’em up. I can’t express enough how you should have this in your collection if you were a fan of any of the classics I’ve named during this review. Shadow Gangs is a rare gem, one of those games that hit me emotionally. I’ll never forget the first time I played it, and I’ll come back to it over and over again. I can’t express how grateful I am to JKM for making this work of art, and sharing it with me. Thank You.

  • Beautiful classic Arcade style graphics.
  • Really Epic enemies and Bosses.
  • Flawless level design. Really encourages exploration and looks amazing.
  • Challenging game play. Easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Fast paced action and combat.
  • Some modern gamers may find it too difficult for them and quit to early.
  • Controls all though smooth don’t always respond like you would like them to. They stuck to the original concept though so I get it, but would loved to seen the old style approved upon.
Video Review

“Jet Set Knights”

The king has gone away for a while, making the kingdom ripe for attack by the forces from the dark underworld. Princess Kitty and her subjects are now in danger! Can you save the day!? Control one of the four brave knights, face hundreds of evil creatures and protect the princess at all costs! Jet Set Knights is an old-school arcade action platformer inspired by classics from the golden age! Experience a new take on the classic with unique tower defense and RPG elements!


* Pick up and play controls

* Choose from four Knights, each with unique abilities

* Save the princess solo or with friends locally

* Unlock secret characters, weapons, and spells

I had a really good time with this one. Typical Ratalaika fashion easy achievements and tons of fun. You can choose from four different Knights, and they all have unique abilities. You have to protect a princess by keeping enemies off of her by building walls, traps, and fighting waves of various enemy types. The enemies are adorable, and fit well with the level you are on. The same can be said for the bosses. You will battle adorable slime Octopus and giant Cupcakes. Just a lot of really well designed and fun characters to see in this one. The princess is adorable as well with her little pigtails. The whole game design is just quality in my opinion. All the way down to the mini games, music, and bonuses you can obtain. It’s a modern retro that really gives you everything you loved about games of the past with doses of things that are current that will keep you coming back to it.

There is so many things to unlock, and hidden things to find you can play it far after you’ve got that complete Achievement score. Like daily bonus and roulette wheel that lets you spend coin to unlock special abilities. I kept playing it far after I collected my 1,000. When you beat the boss for the level it isn’t over it just picks up pace and becomes more of a challenge. That is something I love about most Ratalaika releases. They set the Achievements up for the people grabbing the game for the score, but leave plenty after that for the people who enjoy the games as well. It’s also a pretty cool couch coop game as well. It’s one you will enjoy playing with your friends a ton. It has some RPG elements, but it’s more Roguelike. Like you can level up, but it’s just for that run. The perks/abilities you unlock though stick with you. So it’s something you can step away from , and come back to and not feel lost. It’s also one of those games you can pick up before bed or dinner when you just have a few minutes to do a nice little run.

So check out the video review below if you’d like a more in depth look at the game play. I really feel most retro gaming fans will find the joy in this one easy. It has that one run type quality of old school arcade titles like Donley Kong. Not every one has hours and hours to sit in front of their television gaming, and games like this that are short and sweet really do fill that need. I could take a break to relax and sit down with this one today, tomorrow, or years from now and still have the same enjoyable experience.

  • Cute adorable characters and levels.
  • EASY Achievements/Trophies.
  • Really captures the arcade era feel.
  • Challenging to master, but easy to learn and enjoy.
  • Tons of things to unlock.
  • Little pricier than typical Ratalaika releases.
  • Wish there was a few more levels to enjoy.

“Birthday of Midnight”

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Petite Games
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release Date: 9/30/2020
  • Platforms: PS4, PC. XBOX, Switch
  • Price: Currently 3.99

From the creators of Midnight, Midnight Deluxe, and 36 Fragments of Midnight comes another round of golf-like action fun! Everyone’s favorite fairy is back and ready to be once again launched into the sky. But as always, treacherous obstacles like spikes, circular saws, and plenty of other dangerous hazards are par for the course. To earn a perfect score you must accurately complete each level in the minimum number of strokes, providing an additional layer of challenge. Do you have the skill to swing for a hole in one?


* 70+ engaging levels that get progressively harder

* New dangers to overcome

* Piano soundtrack to complement gameplay

Typical of Ratalaika releases this one delivers affordable quality experience with EASY Achievements or Trophies. Perfect for the Halloween season dark and spooky art style resembling the Game “Limbo” with just BEAUTIFUL music all delivered by Piano. I highly recommend this for fans of puzzling/golf style games. Will give you hours and hours of fun with over 70 levels. Each level has up to three stars to earn based on how many strokes you complete it in. It will challenge you, but the Achievements aren’t difficult to obtain for you Achievement hunters. Watch the video below if you want to see some game play , and a more in depth look .

  1. EASY Achievements or Trophies.
  2. Challenging fun.
  3. Tons of levels.
  4. Beautiful Piano Music.
  5. Amazing Spooky Art Style/Backgrounds.
  • Can feel repetitive at times.
  • May feel to east at times as well.

Going Under

Review by Courtney

Developed by Agrro Crab

Published by Team17 Digital

Available for $19.99 on Steam, Xbox, Switch and PS4

Released September 24th 2020

Going Under is a satirical dungeon crawler about failed tech start up companies.

The game begins with you playing as a young woman interning at a meal replacement company. You are told to go into the basement and solve the goblin issue below. The game relies a lot on millennial humor and sarcasm, and most of it lands pretty successfully humor wise. It’s jokes you’ve heard before, but they still manage to be fairly entertaining.

The gameplay itself is mostly straightforward, with similarities to other roguelikes. Each level provides a challenge, with skills and tasks to complete to unlock new things. The controls are smooth, and the game play is fun. Have you played things similar before? Yes. I would say there isn’t too much that really stands out as unique or spectacular about Going Under. The story is funny, the gameplay is fun, and the graphics are interesting and well done.

That is not to say that I don’t recommend the game. I think many people would find it quite fun. It plays well, and even has its own customizable difficulty settings. I fiddled around with the game with and without these assistances, and I think their addition is great. It allows people… like myself… that aren’t so fantastic at roguelikes still enjoy the story.

Overall, I think this game is a definite winner. It’s not knocking anything out of the park, but it is doing the roguelike genre well. For these reasons, my rating is 7/10.

Embracelet – Switch Review

Release date: September 24, 2020
Players: 1 player
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Machineboy
Publisher: Machineboy
Price: 11.99
Buy Here

In his last days, Jesper’s grandfather tells him a story that seems marred with deep regret. Giving him a mysterious bracelet, he’s tasked with returning it to its rightful place on the island that was his grandfather’s boyhood home. With few details, Jesper strives to go to the island in the North and complete the task given to him, taking his grandgather’s strong convictions to heart.

Embracelet is an adventure game with point-and-click style mechanics. You can move Jesper with the right stick and control a reticle with the left, which allows you to interact with various objects. Exploration is key, finding different clues and items to help Jesper move forward and uncover more of the mystery of the bracelet. I did not struggle at all with the controls here, and while Jesper does move a little slowly, it wasn’t at all vexing or detrimental to my play experience.

The game is littered with various puzzles that can be solved using the magical bracelet’s powers, and Jesper himself must make decisions in the way that he interacts with others — while there are no true wrong moves, the way you treat people does impact the world around you, and this can affect dialogue between characters. While there are some mild platforming elements, there’s nothing too challenging, so casual gamers can really enjoy this game to the fullest in knowing that the intensity is pretty low overall. Where the game truly shines is its absolutely endearing story.

With the setting of the game being in Norway, you get a glimpse into life in the region that does a great job at illustrating real people and real interactions. The characters feel full of life, with rich history and actual emotion, which is amazing for a single-person developer to accomplish. While the pacing of the story does get a bit chaotic toward the end, what you end up experiencing is incredibly rewarding overall.

The environments and characters are illustrated with a minimalist feel, low polygons but with bright colors and good textures that make the game feel alive. The world you get to explore never looks bad at all, and exploring the island and interacting with the world around you is easy thanks to the good shadow detail and lighting.

-Wonderful coming of age story
-Beautiful environments
-Casual laid-back gameplay

-Pacing issues toward the end

Overall: 9/10

Embracelet is an excellent pickup for anyone who enjoys games with heavy story. The world is crafted well and comes across entirely human in regards to emotions, growing up, and even heavier topics like death and sexuality. The relationships all feel completely natural, and Jesper is easy to identify with as a teenager that wants to explore and have freedom, but still has a sense of duty and an eagerness to do the right thing. Players will get a unique window into Norwegian culture, and perhaps a bit of a reminder of what its like growing up.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Kaiko
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Release Date: 9/8/2020
  • Platforms: PS4, XBOX, and PC
  • Price: 39.99

I was a huge fan of the original, so was excited to get this version in to review. I had read comments saying there was a lot of issues with it at launch so delayed my review a bit before playing it. I jumped into it about 2 weeks after release. I kind of worried about that knowing this game can take up to 100 hours to complete., but I was having some back issues so had plenty of down time so decided to go at it non-stop. I had no issues with it getting the late start so they must have ironed them out quickly. I only played about 50 to 60 hours, because i wanted to get this in quick. I had played the original and DLCs so i figured that be enough time to give a honest impression. I can honestly say I enjoyed it as much as the original, and i can really see why or why not you’d make this upgrade. It looks a little better, nothing drastic I don’t think. They cleaned up the first one they didn’t completely redo like some remasters. They left everything you loved about the original, keeping the original source as close to the one you know and love. So if your a huge fan and wanted a upgrade I can see spending the 39.99 easy. Like I said 100 hours so you are gonna be getting your value back no question. The way this game is set up you can play it over and over as well. There is just so much content, and gameplay variations that make this game one of those you can buy if you don’t buy a lot of games or only get for gifts, and play it all year. If you are new to it it can seem a little dated especially if you have been playing Witcher or something like that. To explain it really has a first fable type vibe to it. So if you enjoy RPGs of that period of time I can see you loving this.

Your character customization from the start really just shows how in depth this game is going to be. There are so many options of appearance but also skills. You can literally play this in so many different ways, and it never feel the same. Like you can upgrade different character types, and have different moves and magics. Same goes with the weapons for these classes. You can have a ton of different weapons from light and heavy swords to Staffs, bows, daggers, and so much more. You can even mix these type of classes up and try different ones. You get a primary and secondary weapon spot so can try two different ones at once. You decide you don’t like your choices you can change the styles and weapons at any time. So your choices in this game seem limitless. The same goes for story choices, there are so many different ways to go along your journey. Join certain factions, help different people, just do the main missions it’s up to you. The options and game’s map is enormous. You will be entertained for hours and hours. I probably spent hours just managing my inventory, deciding what to use and sell. If I didn’t get games like I do and wanted something that made me feel like I got my money’s worth I’d with out a doubt would grab this.

Let’s talk about how it looks and sounds for a bit. I think it’s a improvement over the original’s look, but I don’t think it’s a huge improvement. It’s not a difference that is mind blowing, but it’s enough to feel like you are playing it on a new console. If you enjoyed how the original looks I think it really keeps that original detail and design. I love all the different monster and enemy types, they all vary so much. It will make you approach with caution to learn their different attacks, or element damage they can do to you. Like some can give you diseases or curses, or have fire or electricity. You have to pay attention, and sometimes use different weapons or armors in areas. There are different skill levels though if you struggle, you can play it on easier levels. So it is for all skill of players in my opinion. I loved the sounds and music as well very melancholy and fitting of the time period. Like I said it really has that original Fable feel and setting. If you loved it or Oblivion I can see you really enjoying this as well.

I can’t wait to finish up this review and go play it some more. I’ll have to reinstall it though, because I had to delete it to actually make myself go and do this review. I just couldn’t stop playing it. It is one of those worlds you just get lost in. Such amazing enemies, NPCs, and stories that just keep you glued to the television. The world is just so easy to travel, and fun to explore. Loaded with so many secrets and loot to find. I found myself just wanting to check around every corner for a chest to lock pick, or cave to explore. It’s really an addictive experience., and I’m so glad I got to step back into this lovely game. Playing it over refreshed me on so many classic moments, and new ones since I didn’t have the DLCs on the original. I heard they may even do some new DLC, I can only hope. So if you love RPGs like I do. I highly recommend you checking this one out. Especially if you never experienced it last Gen.

  • Hours and hours of content.
  • Unforgettable adventures and characters.
  • So many ways to play classes and weapons.
  • Awesome Boss battles and variations of enemy types
  • Everything you loved about the original cleaned up a little.
  • Not as remastered as some other titles, but sticks to the source material.
  • May feel a little dated for some RPG fans.
  • Overall Impression: 8.2

If you loved the original they really kept everything you know and loved about it. So if you want to play it all over on your modern console you are sure to enjoy it all over again. If you’ve never played it before, and love classic games like Fable and Oblivion you are sure to enjoy this remaster as well. I could see some people who only have experienced games like The Witcher maybe feeling that it feels dated. To me though I enjoyed it for hour after hour, and will be for hours to come.

Friday The 13th:Killer Puzzle

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Platforms: PS4, XBOX, PC, Switch
  • Release Date: 9/18/2020
  • Price: 12.99

So if you know me, you know I’m a huge “Friday the 13th” fan so i was so excited to see this pop in my games to review. I enjoyed the NES classic version and the one that released a few years back was awesome as well. It really did an amazing job at capturing the movie magic. Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle though I loved from the start. It really makes me want a animated Friday the 13th series. The animation in this is just amazing, as well are the kills. I never got tired of seeing just how Jason was going to use his new weapon, or how each level starting or ending cutscene would play out. What really surprised me was just how much content was there. !2 episodes in total covering really cool places like Crystal Lake or some place you’d never expect to go like prison or prehistoric times. It all seemed so crazy, and I felt like I played this for days. I might have considering there is over 150 levels to play. The content doesn’t stop there though. There is tons of different Jason’s and weapons as well. You will spend days unlocking them all.

The objective of the puzzles are to kill everyone on the level of course. The game let’s you start out by choosing PG or R rating. Who the hell is going to be playing this and choosing PG though? The way the puzzles work is you can move in straight lines towards enemies, and you have to get them lined up to attack so you have to plan moves ahead not just move around freely doing what ever you want. There will also be traps in the way like cops, fire, water, and even cats. You know you can’t kill cats, so you have to avoid them as well. There will also be escape routes for the victims in case you mess up they can get out of there. So you have to plan for that as well. There is no set amount of moves you can use except for on a few levels you’ll have a set number to accomplish it in. They can be really challenging, but never frustrating though. The main reason is Mommy will give you hints, and even show you how to do it if need be. So with a little help from Pamela Voorhees you will reach the end no matter how bad at puzzle games you are. With this option it really makes it playable for all skill levels.

This game is really for all fans of the franchise, and a can’t miss in my opinion. It’s loaded with things to keep you coming back. There is actually a daily challenge that will give you a new puzzle every day. Nail these 13 days in a row unlock some more Jason Voorhees skins. So it’s always fresh, and new feeling. It can feel repetitive if you played it like I did though. I wanted to get my review done in a timely fashion so I did everything in a couple days. I literally played this non-stop. Where it can get a little repetitive is for Achievement hunters trying to get to level 100 as a character and get 1000 kills in the marathon mode. Marathon Mode? Yes it’s a level where you have to stop a meter just in time to get a kill. It will go and go until you miss. My tops was around 45. Every time you play this and get to victim 14 you will level up and get a Jason Crate. In these you will get 4 weapons. You will be trying to collect all these for days there are so many. There’s even a trade in system for your duplicates. Trade in 3 dupes get another crate. I spent hours doing this trying to capture every weapon. In marathon mode you will see every kill, and every weapon type in game it’s so much fun slaying campers while listening to some bad ass music. Oh yeah let’s talk about the music…

This game has awesome music from the movie while you do the puzzles, and it fits in really well it overall. The music really ramps up on marathon mode though. You are treated to the rock n roll sounds of great bands like The Jasons and Stiker. You will love all these songs that play during the massacre. They really take you back to when these movies were hitting your local theatres and video stores. Really catchy stuff like “Run for your life” and “I can’t stop killing”. I wish you could play these out of the menu, because I’d be listening to them as I typed out this review. The game looks great to it’s really bright and colorful animation and backgrounds. I loved seeing the blood splatter, and seeing all the different counselors and levels. This might be my favorite game this year so far. I had a blast, and think all Friday fans will as well.

  • Awesome music and sounds.
  • Killer animated cutscenes and kills.
  • Loaded with content.
  • Tons of replay value.
  • Addictive fun puzzling and killing.
  • Stays true and respectful to the source material.
  • Can be repetitive at times, especially if you over do it like me.
  • I 100% the game so now I have to wait for a sequel. Get us more Fridays and Jason.
  • Overall Impression: 10 Bloody Jason Masks out of 10
  • I think it’s a must own for all fans of Friday the 13th. The most fun I’ve had gaming this year..
Video Review


Review by Courtney

Developed and Published by Springloaded

Available on Xbox, PC, PS4, and Switch for 16.99

Released on September 18th 2020

GORSD is an arena battle game with with lots of intense speed and tactics. In a universe with difficult challenges created by an unknown power, your character sets forth to solve the mystery.

When first beginning to play GORSD, one may be a bit… baffled. The unique art style, and mysterious story certainly left me immediately intrigued. You begin as a small octopus looking creature that… well, births out from an eyeball of sorts. You wander about a bit looking for more answers. And soon realize that you’re in sort of an overworld for level selection. The real gameplay revolves around little battle arenas. In the single player mode, the enemies are NPCs, obviously. But the game does offer up to 4 player couch co-op.

The style of arena themselves vary. There is eight different modes set across seventy different maps. The single player campaign is only about seven hours total, but with plenty of couch co-op to play, this isn’t a bad thing. The basic concept mostly revolves around trying to fill in the level with your character’s color, and killing the other players who are trying to also fill it in before you. There is a good bit of strategy involved, and honestly, I wasn’t particularly good at it. My son beat me every level we played.

But to me, the most interesting thing about GORSD is the mystery. Solving the story behind the different deities presented to your character, and what exactly your character is doing is pretty fun. There’s nothing I love more than some unique lore.

Overall, I found GORSD a pretty fascinating game. Challenging, punishing, but so intriguing you find yourself not wanting to give up just yet, even with the massive defeat screen taunting you at each failure.

I can’t really say that I have many true complaints about this game. It’s…. vague, and extremely hard. And at times so frustrating I almost gave up. But, I think that’s the idea.

At 16.99, and with the amount of levels and replayability with different friends, this game is honestly worth checking out. And I am extremely intrigued to see what these developers might make in the future. For these reasons, my rating is a 8/10.