Space Crew

Review by Courtney

Developed by Runner Duck

Published by Curve Digital

Available on Steam, Xbox, PS4, Switch for $19.99

Released on October 15th 2020

Space Crew is a strategic space combat game in which you take control of a crew and helm the ship on missions to explore outer space. You control the action, from telling your crew where to shoot and putting out any fires that may start on board when under attack.

The game itself is a bit of an homage to star trek, with the starting uniforms looking awfully familiar. But I wouldn’t get too attached to your crewmates, as many of them sadly will be lost in battle through out the missions.

The missions vary from retrieving cargo to simply trying to kill every enemy you see, with various upgrades for your crew and ship becoming available. The gameplay itself is fairly simple, having you select different crew and directing them where to go. The game also allows you to either slow down or speed up time depending on whether or not there are enemies nearby.

Personally, these kind of games are a bit overwhelming to me. I struggle to find a rhythm to keep my poor crew from all dropping dead. But there is still a definite charm to the game, from the art style to the sound effects. I’m somewhat familiar with the previous title, Bomber Crew, and always thought that game was very cute as well.

If you enjoy strategy and management, and you’re interested in space I think this game will definitely appeal to you.

One of my only serious complaints is that the controls, especially with a controller can be a bit difficult. It doesn’t make the game unplayable, but it does feel a bit counterintuitive at times.

Other than that, I think this game is pretty fun. And I’m certain a lot of people will get enjoyment out of it. For these reasons, my rating is a 6/10.

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