“Sweet Witches Review”


  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Platforms: XBOX, PS4, PC, and Switch
  • Developer: Lumen Section
  • Publisher: Drageus Games
  • Release Date: 10/30/2020
  • Price: 9.99


Play as the adorable witches Praline and Vanille who can only rely on their magic ladders, unique abilities and power-ups to claim the sweets they deserve! “Brave the danger of 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds all by yourself or in cooperation with another player. The party needs to grow? No problem, challenge the two antagonists Anis and Reglisse in a spectacular Versus mode for up to four players.”


  • Four playable witches, each with their unique spell;
  • 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds in the Story mode (solo or coop);
  • 5 unique arenas and 2 play modes in the Versus mode (up to four players);
  • No jump, summon magic ladders to make your way through;
  • Surprise gift boxes with mighty weapons to crush your foes;
  • Seeding the ground with flowers to charge your powers;
  • As many sweet treats as you shall deserveā€¦ how many is that? Find out now

This comes out just before Halloween on the 30th so if they cancel Halloween in your area I say grab some candy and your kids and just hang out in front of the Television and XBOX. They are going to have a good time, and so will you. It has really addictive COOP and versus modes that will keep your family laughing and having a blast for hours. If you love old school arcade fun like in “Burger Time” this is so for you. Imagine that form of game play, but with a really epic art style. Everything about the art just screams Halloween. The characters and enemies are so adorable, and the levels are designed flawlessly to give you a nice challenge. What is even better if you are struggling with that you can slow down the enemy speed and give yourself even more lives. The way it is designed you don’t have a jump button you must use your magic to create ladders to move around the platforms. Enemies will attack , but you can attack back either will melee or special powerups. You can pick up bombs, bear traps, and even spring loaded boxing gloves to shoot at the attacking enemies.

There is tons of content, Like I said there is COOP and Versus but the Single player is very in depth as well. You can beat it with two different witches Praline and Vanille . After you make your away through 50+ levels over 5 different beautifully designed worlds you unlock the ability to play with two different witches as well Anis and Reglisse. Both sets of witches have their own special ability, attack style, and cool ladder design. My favorite witch I believe is Reglisse I love the color green, and her pumpkin. The way it works is Praline and Vanille must make their way across the levels to the boss planting flowers where ever there is a flower pot or patch of dirt. There will be some enemies that will eat your plants and make you go back over some sections. Once You play with Anis and Reglisse though your mission changes. You are trying to destroy all these plants they have planted. It’s the same exact levels, but for some reason it feels fresh and different. The boss stage is the biggest difference though you fight the other witches, so their attack is very different, and I won’t spoil that for you.

I really have nothing negative to say about this one. It’s just a blast. It runs really smooth, and the controls are precise. Only issue I ran into was getting kicked to dashboard a few times. This is before launch so I’m not putting much into that, I know they will iron this issue out. Drageus games always publish quality titles, and take care of issues. So if you are ready for Halloween , and you are looking for a game to share with someone to celebrate this wonderful season. ” Little Witches” is a can’t miss, and must own Halloween treat.

  • Adorable characters and enemies.
  • Really cute art style and backgrounds.
  • Challenging level design.
  • Fun COOP and Vs Modes.
  • Loads of content.
  • Fun and easy Achievements.
  • Can feel repetitive.
  • Ran into a few glitches, but it hasn’t been released yet so sure they will fix before launch.

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