“Swim Out”


” Swim Out
Reviewer: Console Carl
Publisher: Lozange Lab
Developer: Lozange Lab
Platforms: Switch, XBOX, Mobile, PC
Price: 5.99
Release Date: 7/31/2020

I first heard about “Swim Out” while watching Major Nelson show off the new XBOX store. He seemed to really be into the fresh concept that it showcases. When you do what he does, for as long as he has done it I’m sure it all starts to get stale. I know as a a veteran gamer myself some times it all just starts to feel the same. Like same “Call of Duty” and “Madden” every 12 months. Another cutesy turn based RPG, Another Battle Royale. I know some people love, and can play the same game over and over, But I’ve always liked experiencing fresh ideas and trying new things. “Swim Out” is certainly one of those new things. It’s a puzzler in a swimming Pool. It sounds like such a basic concept get in and out of the pool and avoid the other swimmers. To hear that it doesn’t sound all that special , but when you experience it you realize it’s so much more.

I’ve heard a lot of people say in reviews it’s the best puzzler on the Switch to date. I think I have to agree. I played it on the XBOX, but i stay really up to date with all the platforms libraries. I can’t think of another puzzler on the Switch that offers what “Swim Out” does. Most the ones I’ve seen on there been super basic really, and not that imaginative. Swim Out you play as a swimmer in a blue swimming suit trying to get from the entrance of the pool to the exit. while people in red swimsuits try to block your path. They all have set movement patterns and they advance as you do. You are trying to make the right series of moves to move past them untouched. You would think this would get repetitive , but it doesn’t. There are so many levels to. Over 100 across 7 chapters. there is no way you can learn all these patterns unless you are some kind of genius so every level and time you play it, it just feels fresh. There are also so many things thrown your way so no pool feels the same.There are 12 different objects to interact with :buoys, fins, water guns, you can even ride a kayak! The enemies are all different as well. If you would call them enemies. I think they just want to keep you in the pool , because you are so much fun to splash around with. They differ and keep it fresh though,each with their own way of moving around, ranging from the simple breaststroke swimmers to the more complex divers or cheeky water-bombing kids.There are also things that will get in your way, and you must time as well. 6 disruptive environmental elements like waves, crabs or jellyfish that will give your brain a work out until you swim out! So you are always having to adapt to new things, and people trying to stop your progress.

I loved the sounds it really felt like I was at the pool, and we all know you’d love to be there or the beach right now, but Covid has everything shut down. “Swim Out” really brings you that experience. The music really fits into the games vibe as well. It is a really relaxing experience. Yes it can be difficult and a challenge, but it never frustrates. provides hours and hours of fresh challenging puzzling without the repetition and annoyance from having to start over when you fail. Yes there are times you mess up, but you usually get it the next go. It is one of those games that you spend a nice evening or weekend with, and come back to it time and time again because it just doesn’t feel the same. I say a lot of people play it together passing the controller or even just lending an idea how to advance. It is really affordable as well at 5.99 you can’t really get more content than you do here. 100’s of levels with so much replay value. I really have no problem recommending this.

I know we get a lot of people wondering about Achievements. It’s not a easy cheap 1000 like you get from a Ratalaika or EastAsiaSoft title. You get Achievements for completing challenges and beating chapters. It is going to take you at least 3 hours if you cheat and use a walk through. I really recommend doing it on your own though and experiencing all “Swim Out” has to offer. It’s really rewarding figuring the puzzles out on your own, and it will only take you a couple hours more probably. I know how much fun it is to watch those Achievements pop, but solving a “Swim Out” puzzle on your own feels good and fun as well. I’d compare it to “Dark Souls” and battling your way to discover a new beautiful area. Swim out feels really good like that as well.

Fun and Challenging
Always feels fresh and rewarding
Really unique concept
Tons of levels and replay

Levels can start to look the same at times, but nice new additions of enemies,objects, and cute cut scenes do help.


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