Friday The 13th:Killer Puzzle

  • Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Developer: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital
  • Platforms: PS4, XBOX, PC, Switch
  • Release Date: 9/18/2020
  • Price: 12.99

So if you know me, you know I’m a huge “Friday the 13th” fan so i was so excited to see this pop in my games to review. I enjoyed the NES classic version and the one that released a few years back was awesome as well. It really did an amazing job at capturing the movie magic. Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle though I loved from the start. It really makes me want a animated Friday the 13th series. The animation in this is just amazing, as well are the kills. I never got tired of seeing just how Jason was going to use his new weapon, or how each level starting or ending cutscene would play out. What really surprised me was just how much content was there. !2 episodes in total covering really cool places like Crystal Lake or some place you’d never expect to go like prison or prehistoric times. It all seemed so crazy, and I felt like I played this for days. I might have considering there is over 150 levels to play. The content doesn’t stop there though. There is tons of different Jason’s and weapons as well. You will spend days unlocking them all.

The objective of the puzzles are to kill everyone on the level of course. The game let’s you start out by choosing PG or R rating. Who the hell is going to be playing this and choosing PG though? The way the puzzles work is you can move in straight lines towards enemies, and you have to get them lined up to attack so you have to plan moves ahead not just move around freely doing what ever you want. There will also be traps in the way like cops, fire, water, and even cats. You know you can’t kill cats, so you have to avoid them as well. There will also be escape routes for the victims in case you mess up they can get out of there. So you have to plan for that as well. There is no set amount of moves you can use except for on a few levels you’ll have a set number to accomplish it in. They can be really challenging, but never frustrating though. The main reason is Mommy will give you hints, and even show you how to do it if need be. So with a little help from Pamela Voorhees you will reach the end no matter how bad at puzzle games you are. With this option it really makes it playable for all skill levels.

This game is really for all fans of the franchise, and a can’t miss in my opinion. It’s loaded with things to keep you coming back. There is actually a daily challenge that will give you a new puzzle every day. Nail these 13 days in a row unlock some more Jason Voorhees skins. So it’s always fresh, and new feeling. It can feel repetitive if you played it like I did though. I wanted to get my review done in a timely fashion so I did everything in a couple days. I literally played this non-stop. Where it can get a little repetitive is for Achievement hunters trying to get to level 100 as a character and get 1000 kills in the marathon mode. Marathon Mode? Yes it’s a level where you have to stop a meter just in time to get a kill. It will go and go until you miss. My tops was around 45. Every time you play this and get to victim 14 you will level up and get a Jason Crate. In these you will get 4 weapons. You will be trying to collect all these for days there are so many. There’s even a trade in system for your duplicates. Trade in 3 dupes get another crate. I spent hours doing this trying to capture every weapon. In marathon mode you will see every kill, and every weapon type in game it’s so much fun slaying campers while listening to some bad ass music. Oh yeah let’s talk about the music…

This game has awesome music from the movie while you do the puzzles, and it fits in really well it overall. The music really ramps up on marathon mode though. You are treated to the rock n roll sounds of great bands like The Jasons and Stiker. You will love all these songs that play during the massacre. They really take you back to when these movies were hitting your local theatres and video stores. Really catchy stuff like “Run for your life” and “I can’t stop killing”. I wish you could play these out of the menu, because I’d be listening to them as I typed out this review. The game looks great to it’s really bright and colorful animation and backgrounds. I loved seeing the blood splatter, and seeing all the different counselors and levels. This might be my favorite game this year so far. I had a blast, and think all Friday fans will as well.

  • Awesome music and sounds.
  • Killer animated cutscenes and kills.
  • Loaded with content.
  • Tons of replay value.
  • Addictive fun puzzling and killing.
  • Stays true and respectful to the source material.
  • Can be repetitive at times, especially if you over do it like me.
  • I 100% the game so now I have to wait for a sequel. Get us more Fridays and Jason.
  • Overall Impression: 10 Bloody Jason Masks out of 10
  • I think it’s a must own for all fans of Friday the 13th. The most fun I’ve had gaming this year..
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