• Reviewer: Console Carl
  • Platforms: XBOX, Pc PS4, Switch
  • Developer: Josyan
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release Date: 09/18/20
  • Price: 4.99

I feel in love with “Tamiku” the second I laid my eyes on it. It really reminds me of so many classics. It gave me a ton of memories from classic NES and Arcade games of my past. It really took me back to playing games like Bubble Bobble, BurgerTime, Popeye, balloon Fight, and so many more. It really delivers the same level of fun as well. Like classics of that era it really makes you care about your final score. Your objective is to collect all the blue and red balloons on the screen without running out of lives. It isn’t easy and can be challenging, but it’s never really frustrating or stressful. I guess it could be if you was going for score, and wanted to get so far without dying. If you don’t choose to play like that though you have infinite continues. So you can play it how you want to. The Blue Balloons you just have to walk over, but the red ones require you tapping the button a few times to blow them up til they pop. This can get you in trouble so you have to plan very well for it. You have to take in your surroundings.

It looks and feels super retro like I said even the classic chiptune reminded me of classic game soundtracks for that great era of video games. Lot of the music reminded me of classic gaming music like in Zelda 2 and Bubble Bobble. The colors are really bright and beautiful, and I could have seen this being a hit back in that era. There 8 worlds and 16 levels they all have unique map layouts and enemies so you are always adjusting to something new. There are also Balloon Fight type bonus levels where you must fly around popping balloons as well. This game just really took me back, and I loved every second with it. I love when Ratalaika delivers retro gold like this far more than I do the graphic novels. These are some of their best releases, and some of my favorite games this Gen. I look forward to more from them in the upcoming generation as well.

For my Achievement hunters it’s a must grab as well. It is a easy completion, and the ability to continue as much as you want will have you padding those gamer scores in no time. I think it took me around 30 minutes to complete this one. So it’s a must grab for those Achievement lovers, that want to raise their scores while not swiping away to much loot from their bank accounts. So the story to this one is you are an alien from a distant galaxy who is totally obsessed with blow up balloons. Having popped every last balloon on your home planet, now you must venture to other worlds in search of more balloons to pop. I don’t know how much that really matters in games like this really. It’s just a fun to play these games that are inspired by the classics and not have to spend a fortune to do so. One reason Ratalaika has been one my favorite Publishers this year. Filling up my collection with AWESOME modern retros that I can usually grab just using my Microsoft Rewards points their so affordable.

  • Pros:
  • Takes you back to a era of classics
  • Bright and colorful retro goodness
  • Soundtrack is a lot of fun and fits nicely
  • Affordable
  • Easy Achievements and trophies
  • Addicting fun
  • Cons:
  • May feel a little to inspired and like you been here before.
  • Kind of short, wish there was more levels and modes.

Overall: 7.8

This is one you can’t miss if you love modern retros, and easy achievements. One of the better Ratalaika games to date. If you loved classic Arcade and NES/Atari games, you will love “Tamiku”

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