“Tannenberg: Eastern Front”

Reviewer: Console Carl
Developer: BlackMill Games
Publisher: M2H
Release Date: 7/24/2020
Price: $17.99
Platforms: PS4, XBOX, PC

I’m not good at keeping secrets and hiding my excitement, so I’m probably going to spoil the games score and it’s impression left on me early. I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t do it in the next sentence. I just had a blast with this one that I haven’t had in a really long time. It really took me back to playing the original “Call of Duty” series. Back when the series was more about the weapons of the era, and about history. Tannenberg reminded me just how much i was missing a realistic FPS experience set in this War. I thought I was over it After the recent Call of Duty and Battlefield versions it just didn’t feel the same. It all just felt the same as their modern titles. Run and Gunning with SMGs, and winners and losers being decided by Ping. Tannenberg takes it back to when it was about team work and rifle play. The team that plans and communicates better wins. The guys that know how to use their weapon are kings of the battlefield. That’s what i was missing. Tannenberg delivers that feeling. You meet a different type of gamer in the lobbies,a calmer more strategic gamer. Gamers that enjoy talking about the actual history. I actually made a few friends playing in online lobbies, and it’s good because you need that to really win in Tannenberg. You have to have people that play well together. We actually ran off about 10 wins in a row, and I was hooked. I can’t wait to finish typing this out to go and play some more.

The main game type Maneuver really takes me back to the days of a young age and playing the board game “Risk” might be why I have had such a good time with it. It’s 40 players some can be bots all trying to take points on a map. As you take these points it takes away from the enemies resources. The game ends when time expires and you have more points, or if you completely drain their resources to zero. You take these points your able to use them against the enemy as well. There are over 50 weapons, and they all feel really realistic . They all feel exactly how they would if you picked them up and fired them yourself, and that has a lot of importance to who gets the victory in the end. How well you understand your weapon,and how well you work as a unit. Another point is how well you know your maps. There are 9 Huge maps that really emulate the areas of this time period. It is so exciting starting the matches of maneuver you run out as a team to some really epic music. It’s a excellent way to a match.

There is also a Death match that is a lot of fun , because it’s just rifle play. Just two different armies trying to finish the game with more kills. It’s more like the standard FPS you are probably used to it, but slowed down a lot. You can run and gun, but you have to make sure you are reloading at the right times, because you can get caught doing so at the wrong time. It’s reload times are more realistic, so you are thinking about what you are doing a lot more. You can hear the shots and bullets flying by you and it just feels so real. The gore is realistic as well, but it can be turned off for younger gamers, but you lovers of WW1 history will appreciate all the violence and accuracy.

The sounds are amazing as I said earlier. the weapons all sound real as do the explosions. The music is outstanding as well. It really hypes you up, but the narration is pure brilliance as well. The narrator really explains the game so well, and it just feels really exciting. I kind of wish there was more of it in the game.I could sit here for hours just talking about how much I loved this game. It was the FPS I had been waiting for. Now I wish some one would deliver a really excellent Vietnam experience something else I been waiting on. I know I’ll be playing this for a very long time in between my reviews. I haven’t felt this way about a FPS since Siege, and I hope it’s fan base grows. There was about 800 people playing it the last time i was searching for games. It really is a amazing experience with very little flaws. Only issue I really had with it was the menus being kind of hard to use at times, and sometimes being hard to distinguish between your team and the enemy. I saw a lot of friendly fire my few days playing it. Everyone really expected it, and joked about it though. It actually added to a lot of the fun and put a dose of humor into the experience. So if you been looking for a more realistic FPS I highly recommend checking out “Tannenberg Eastern Front”

:Realistic Weapons and Equipment.
Beautiful large and well designed maps.
Actual Gore
Fun game modes.
Inspires team play
Accurate to history

Can be hard to tell who is team and enemy.
Menus can be hard to manuever.

Overall Impression:
The most fun I’ve had with a FPS since Siege. A real feeling WW1 experience. A game you will enjoy playing with your friends who enjoy shooters, but you will also make a lot more friends when you take to the battlefield together.

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