“We Should Talk”

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Reviewer: Console Carl
Publisher: Whitethorn Digital
Developer: Insatiable Cycle LLC
Release Date: 7/16/2020
Price: $6.99

I don’t know how to feel about this one really. It’s not a bad game. There are things I actually enjoyed like the art style and even things I loved like the music. Overall though it just doesn’t feel like it was made for me. So i’m not trying to bash it at all. I just feel it was made for a different audience and that happens some times. Like I enjoy almost every game, and always usually find positive elements. I usually enjoy myself some what. Seems to me the games I struggle enjoying are the novel games. I just feel I’d read a book If I wanted to read. So maybe this falls in to that section of games.

You play as a girl out at a bar while her girlfriend is at home So to be honest why would you go out to a bar an actual social meeting place and spend the entire time texting on a phone? I know it happens. I see it every day you can’t go anywhere with out people with cell phones glued to their hands, but to me from the very start it just doesn’t make sense. Like If I wanted to talk to my girlfriend I’d be with her at home or at the bar having a good time. She also does nothing but give you shit for being there the whole time so your experience is ruined why not just go home? You are not even given that option. Also why would you spend your entire night being miserable with such a insecure person kind of questioning everything you do anyways? I don’t know maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I’m playing it as a male and we are different, or maybe I’m just different but it all just doesn’t relate to me at all from the start.

The options are kind of misleading as well. It seems like your choices are really limited. It also feels like they aren’t that different. It really feels like you get fairly the same story every time. There are 9 different endings, but I think I’d rather wait for a Youtube video to get them all for my Achievements. It’s only 20 minutes a play through really, but it feels like the same story pretty much every one of those plays. except maybe ending one where you pretty much just try to be a asshole the entire play through to your girlfriend. Like the differences are so small that it really doesn’t feel rewarding and feels really repetitive. Like I said maybe it isn’t made for me. You are playing as a Lesbian girl and while that is refreshing to see that represented in a game. It doesn’t relate to me. I think I’m just drawing at straws for excuses though to be honest. I’m type of person hates to be negative about some one’s art.. it really bums me out. It’s hard to do video review or screenshots when all the game is, is your phone screen. just not a lot there, and I struggled to really get a lot to show or even talk about. It’s not for every one I guess. I know it’s not for kids lot of really adult content.

Like I said though I liked the way it looks. The bar lighting really has that neon 80s look to it. The characters look current, and say a lot of modern phrases like calling people snacks. Some of it seems a little forced like I don’t think, well I hope people don’t talk like that. One thing I have no complaints about is the music. It has a really solid soundtrack. I wish they would have put in the options all the tracks to listen to without having to play the game. It really makes the 9 replays bearable though. the game doesn’t rush you either so if your feeling the music, drift off from boredom, or even go grab a snack you can pick off right where you left off. Would have been funny though if she nagged you even more when you didn’t instant reply to all her insecure messages.

Great Soundtrack really good music all around
Cool looking art style Bar and characters looked good.

Might not relate to you
Super Repetitive
Game feels close to the same every play
Annoying Characters
Get off the phone enjoy your social events and meeting places

Overall Impression:
Just wasn’t for me I don’t think, but at $7 dollars least you get some easy Achievements. That and the soundtrack worth the price in my opinion.

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